Dating Grannies – The Basics

So you know that you fancy older women? Brilliant! As a younger man, the decision to explore the granny dating scene is the biggest step you’ll need to make towards hooking up with a sexy, mature lady. It’s crazy to think that so many people have had hang-ups about dating older women despite feeling a strong attraction to cougars. But if you ever tried to get a glimpse down your teacher’s top when you were at school or even if you fancied your mate’s mum or your mum’s mates, you’ll understand the magnetism of the mature lady.

It’s not enough to assume that any woman over forty is a cougar or granny for the purposes of dating. Of course, you could approach every older woman that you fancy and live in the hope that they are in the market for a younger partner but this could lead to any number of awkward conversations. Given the popularity of online dating, the Internet could be your best bet for meeting the older woman of your dreams (without the risk of getting a beating from the angry husband of a woman you’ve approached in the street). Just a few clicks will put you in the midst of thousands of grannies looking for someone just like you!

Now, there are risks associated with Internet dating. The obvious risk of meeting someone so totally different looking than their photo is one that you will, unfortunately, learn to deal with but at least with a longer “getting to know you” period in Cyber Space, you should have something to talk about no matter how unlike their profile your date might appear. It’s not all one sided either. Be sure that you present yourself as realistically as possible to avoid any disappointment on your date’s behalf…It’s only fair, right?

An easy mistake to make on your quest for a hot cougar would be to assume that because you’ve met one older woman and know her well enough that every other woman will be the same. It sounds simple but it’s amazing how many cubs, for that is what you will be called, forget that older women come in as many shapes, sizes and varieties as their younger counterparts and what they want from you will vary accordingly. As much as you’d like to think that any older woman would want you simply because you’re younger, your role as a trophy toy boy depends entirely on the effort that you put in to wooing your potential granny date.

Ok, so you’ve chatted, swapped (realistic) pics, your older lady ticks every cougar box and you want the chance to establish your status as her boy toy but where should you go for your first date? There is no fixed response to this. It depends on the type of things she likes and the type of relationship you want to establish.

If this is to be a lustful affair full of hot sex, perhaps a drink and then bed; if this is a romantic affair full of hot sex, perhaps a drink and then bed. Talk it through. There’s no need to go wild just because your date has experience. You could do just as well having a quiet drink as arranging an evening of Flamenco under the stars. Either way, be sure to enjoy yourself. Granny dating was made to satisfy your need for a sexy, mature woman…make the most of it!

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