Granny Dating – The Worst Kept Secrets

Dating tastes change as the years progress. Courtly love went out the window long ago and speed dating is an abomination that should never have been allowed. So how can you give yourself the best chance of meeting someone that tickles your fancy, especially if your fancy is a little left of centre? We’re not necessarily talking whips and chains here (unless you want to).

What if you happen to be a sexy young guy who has a thing for older women or vice versa? Surely luck is the only thing you can hope for, right? Wrong. Granny dating is here to help you scratch that itch and what fun you’ll have scratching it!

Society may have you believing that unless you’re twenty-something and gorgeous, you have no place on the dating scene. That’s just nonsense. And perhaps the man will be in his twenties so cougar/cub relationships are half way to meting such stringent dating laws as set by the younger crowd. But seriously, who gives a hoot what other people think? Sexy older women don’t disappear into a puff of smoke when they hit forty! They carry on sizzling and heavens, can they sizzle?!

The Internet dating boom is responsible for binging granny dating up to date and into the living rooms of thousands of hot young men and the sexy women over-forty who can’t get enough of them. Registering with a site will guarantee you the best possible chance of finding a hot stud or glamorous gran just ripe for the taking. Such sites aim to bring together the fiery passion of a younger man with the mature heat of an older woman but that doesn’t even mention the fun that you can have in trying to find the right person for you, whichever part of a couple you are.

The maturity and experience of the cougar in these relationships is too easily swept away by stereotyping. Just one quick scroll through the dating pages of a granny dating site will throw up women with varied interests, both sexual and non-sexual. So if you are a young guy who’s keen to try dogging with an older woman, the sites are likely to make you a winner. If you want an older woman who loves bingo and oral sex, you’ll find her. The scope and variety of singles from both the cub and cougar camps is impressive and will ensure that you have plenty of eligible choices available for your specific romantic requirements.

Of course, granny dating has its downsides but then what type of dating doesn’t? What makes it such fun is the adventure of trying something new and exciting with a different type of partner. So what if you have to work hard to find your prince/queen? Part of the fun is dusting yourself off and getting straight back in the driving seat.

If you are after tradition then sure, you could give granny dating a try but it’s less likely to tick all your boxes than perhaps another scene. If however you want to join the ranks of sexy cougars and their cubs the world over, get registering for the time of your life! Hot sex, fun times and amazing thrills await you once you realise that age is just a number.

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