The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Granny Dating Explained

Dating can be a real drag, right? Knowing what to wear, how to speak, how to find the right person for you can really put a strain on your good mood. As with everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages, even to meeting the man or woman of your dreams but what if you happen to like older women or younger men…What then? Granny dating is a truly amazing niche for daters but for all its great points there are some things that you should be aware of to make your cougar/cub relationship that much easier to manage.

Meeting like minded people online has never been easier. Dating websites are becoming the new normal for meeting your dream partner and there is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best foot forward with your profile. Sometimes posting the best picture ever taken of you is a great confidence booster but don’t forget that if you intend to move your relationship away from the cyber-world, at some point you will have to show your real face to another person. Too often, singles will make similar mistakes that can only ever lead to disappointment in one or both parts of a couple. Enjoy the freedom that honesty allows you and embrace your wobbly bits…There’s nothing sexier!

Stereotypes can really put a dampener on a blossoming romance. Do all women over forty like to knit? Do all men under thirty like to drink themselves sick with their mates? Don’t be fooled into thinking granny dating is an instant pass to like-minded loving! As with any scene, you have to communicate with your partner. How else would a younger guy know that the hot fifty-something lady he wants to date loves clubbing as much as he does? The energy in a cougar/cub relationship doesn’t always come from the younger partner and the sooner this is addressed, the sooner you can heat up the loving action.

People will judge others for any number of reasons so don’t waste your energy on worrying about it…Energy that could be better spent romping with your older/younger lover. People may talk about a mature lady and her toy boy but who cares?! You cannot live your life by the rules that other people set and as long as what you are doing is hurting no-one else, you can chalk up their disdain to jealousy. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a couple where the experienced female can make the most of her younger lover’s body and vice versa. Hate the haters not the lovers!

Granny dating is a thrilling experience for all involved. Young men who desire older women and the cougars who crave their young cubs can find everything they need on this speciality dating scene. Excitement in and out of the bedroom awaits everyone involved and the sooner you get registered, the sooner you can be a part of it. Sure, there are negatives but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in this exciting niche. Grab yourself a granny or lure in a cub for hot times and amazing experiences.

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