Why Younger Men Prefer Older Women?

“Women and wine get prettier with time”

Traditionally, age was given utmost priority in the early days of mankind and a man either dated a woman of his own age or someone younger to him. Recently, many men prefer to date women who are almost twice their age. Looking at the increasing interest of men in dating older women, online surveys were conducted that got the low down on granny dating exposed. Almost 65% of men agreed to the fact that they were attracted, both mentally as well as physically, to women older to them.

Following were some of the many reasons they gave:

1) Matured:

Older women are much more matured than the younger ones and hence even younger men fall in love with their attitude, calm mind and different experiences of life. They know how to carry themselves in public and know where their approaches need to be altered. The best part is that they wouldn’t bump into the group of your friends and embarrass you, pulling you every time to be with them. Maturity is an earned characteristic of a human and that’s why older women prove to be more mature because of the time for which they have lived in the world.

2) Good In Bed:

Women who are above 40 are said to be better in bed since they are experienced and know how to please themselves as well as the men whom they are dating. Not only are they sure of what they are doing, they are also extremely confident about sex. They know how to turn you on and make you feel special by doing something that probably no one has ever done for you!

3) Trustworthy:

Unlike the young women who are always unsure about relationships, older women are much more serious in their relationships and can be trusted with all your heart. They are so settled in their minds that they never make any attempts to betray or hurt you in any way.

4) Intelligent And Good Companions:

Older women are always wiser in their thoughts and good in talks as well. They are said to be excellent friends and since dating is a way to make new friends to find someone who shares your mind as well as thoughts. Sometimes all you need is someone to be there by your side, to listen to you when there is no one else to be with you. Sex is a secondary factor. This is the major reason why younger men are attracted towards older women for they get someone to hold on, to tell them where they are moving ahead in life.

5) Duration Of The Relationship:

Many single mothers look forward for one night stands, knowing the fact that they can’t be in a long term relationship. However, you and the older woman you are dating decide for how long your relationship lasts. But it is a guarantee that no matter how short or long the duration of your dating and relationship is, you are going to enjoy and cherish every moment of it.

A wise man has rightly said that love sees no age and hence, if older women is what you prefer then you must try several dating sites that let you date hot grannies, milfs and cougar women; to make you finally fulfill your fantasy of making love to someone who knows how to dominate you, just the way you wish to be dominated!

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