The Benefits Of Dating Older Women

In most relationships, men tend to pick women who are much younger than them, especially when they seek marriage. This is probably an innate setting that tells them they need to have healthy children in order to propagate their genes. The younger the wife, the more fertile she is. In addition, children born to younger women are less exposed to the risk of genetic defects and conditions.

On the other hand, there are also benefits of dating older women, so there are enough young guys who prefer this variant for their love life. Older women have the advantage of being more experienced and more capable to guide the guy in offering her pleasure and fulfilling her needs. Young girls tend to be shy when it comes to expressing what they enjoy. The older they get, the more they realize honest and direct communication is the key to happy relationships.

In addition, older women are more willing to talk about their feelings and find a way of nurturing a healthy relationship. They tend to argue less than younger ones, as they start to value harmony more than the pride of being always right. They don’t want to be right anymore, so they choose to be kind instead. This is a powerful tool for calming down potential conflicts in the couple, thus leading to happier relationships and a better atmosphere in the house. Thinking that they are also more capable of controlling their emotions and their reactions to various life challenges, it’s easy to see the benefits of dating older women.

This trend is gaining more and more traction, as young men understand these benefits. Besides, when you are a guy and you are young, you don’t want a family just yet, so you don’t see a disadvantage in the fact that you date a women who is 20 years older than you. Most men divorce their wives around the age of 50 anyway for marrying 20-something girls who have the freshness and the glamour of their youth, and who are just ready to bear children.

All these things make sense from an evolutionary point of view. Young girls seek stability and protection. Older, wealthy guys are capable to provide for them and to offer them everything they need to run a household and a family. On the other hand, very young guys still need to make a career and to gain some wealth before being ready to set up a family of their own. By choosing to date older women, they can be almost sure they aren’t going to be pressed into marriage, having babies and other similar things. Most older women had their children anyway, so they are rather interested in stability in the couple and happiness in their home. In addition, most of them are already financially stable, so they don’t mind their partner earning less. This is a win-win situation for both parties involved, thus being quite successful in many circles and communities.

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