Granny Dating? What A Hot Gilf Looks For In You!

Why do you think would an older lady want to date a younger man? Well, because there is definitely something more attractive about dating a younger mate than an older mate. So, what exactly are these attributes that a hot gilf looks for in her younger mate? This article uncovers some of those secret desires of a hot granny dating.

With growing age, all of us gain a lot of experience in almost all spheres of life. We tend to learn a lot of new things, and perform better with growing experience. Similarly, a hot gilf also learns quite a few lessons in her life and knows exactly what she wants from a fresh relationship.

She may have had some good and bad relationships in the past and might have learnt a lot from those past relationships. With so much experience under her belt, a mature lady certainly knows the kind of man she now wants in her life to fill it up with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. Discussed below are some of those secret desires of a granny girl and granny dating.

1. She looks for a man with enthusiasm: Older women look for more activeness and enthusiasm as they age. As for men, they are more enthusiastic and romantic during the early phase of their life. Younger men are more enthusiastic towards life and there is a lot of zest in their life. This is exactly what a hot gilf wants. The combination, therefore, works very well for the mature women and they know it just too well.

2. She looks for a better sex partner: As we all know, sex is an important criteria that plays a very decisive role in the stability of a man-woman relationship. Older women peak more with age. On the contrary, men are more active sexually, during the younger years of their life.

Therefore, a young man pairing with a hot gilf can mean a great sex life for the two of them, especially because older women are ready for all sorts of experimentation during sex. A more satisfying sex life is therefore, the top most reason why a granny girl prefers a younger mate – they can together enjoy a wild and passionate sex life.

3. She looks for some one who can listen to her: Because she is older than the person she gets the upper hand. She is more likely to be the boss. This would never be possible with a man of the same age group. At her age, she would not want to be dominated, but would like to dominate her partner.

4. She looks for a man with whom she feels secure enough: Be it a young lady, or an older gilf – a woman always looks for some security in her life. She wants to be taken care of, and receive protection. Younger men, with very little other priorities in life, are more likely to provide a granny girl with the pampering care that she craves for so badly.

However, an older man, who has a lot other important priorities in life, or who is probably ailing with some kind of health problem, may not be able to provide her with the same sense of security as compared to a strong and healthy younger man.

5. She looks for someone she can rely on: Grannies often have a horrid past, the pain and trauma of which, does not seem to erase from their senses easily. One such cause of agony is the loss of a loving mate. Women, therefore, tend to seek a permanency factor in their future relationships. This makes them more inclined towards healthier partners, irrespective of whether they are younger or older.

They are obviously more attracted to younger men due to the fact that a younger man is likely to live longer than an older man is. In fact, a younger guy may live longer than the lady herself. This guarantees the older woman that the guy is there to stay with her. She does not want to lose her mate again. The same can not be guaranteed with an old man, who probably has too many health problems.

6. She looks for someone who is better than all her ex boyfriends: We all look for greener pastures in life. The same holds true for these ageing women. A gilf is more experienced than any young man, who gets attracted to the tricks played by her. Why would she settle for an ageing man, when a younger man is interested in her, who can offer her much more comforts and facilities than an oldie can? She certainly knows which kind of man she wants in her life now, to fill it up with enthusiasm and happiness. So there you have it! The secrets to hot granny dating – revealed! Get in there!

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