Achieve Victory With These GILF Dating Strategies

Many eyebrows get raised when a young man is seen dating a woman who is older than he is. Is there anything seriously wrong with gilf dating? We discuss exactly the same thing in this article and try to come out with an answer.

Good or bad, gilf dating is a dating sensation that is sweeping across the US and UK. Open minded young men are fearlessly dating their dream women, even if they are older than they are in age. So, is that a big deal? Not really! Traditional practices can be bent and made flexible to accommodate the needs of the present generation people.

If you are one of those conservative people, who is strictly against the concept of granny dating, then please consider the following points, which are bound to change your opinion about this new concept of dating –

1. Where do mature women at 40 go? Unfortunately divorces are happening as regularly as marriages these days. That leaves many women and men alone, at the age of 35 to 45. Most of the men tend to remarry younger girls between the age group of 25 to 35 years. So, where do the divorced women (in the age group of 40) go in such a case? They certainly have a point here – they have an equal right to resettle in life. Furthermore, it is solely their personal choice to marry a man in the same age group or a different age group.

2. If men can do it, so can women: Men have historically been known to marry younger women. Times have changed now, and women are well equipped to achieve everything that a man can. They have grown much more confident and knowledgeable than in the past. Women have started taking up highly challenging jobs, and have proved their mettle in those areas, which were once considered to be strictly a man’s domain. So, why can women not be bestowed with an equal right to do what men can do? Why can they not date and marry younger men?

3. Ageing women are responsible enough: Without a doubt, any granny is mature enough to understand, respect, nurture and handle a relationship. She is much more committed towards a relationship than her other (younger) female counterparts. There is no reason why she can not have a relationship with a younger guy. With such a committed partner by his side, any man would be happy and contented. In fact, when compared to a young and immature girl, a granny girl is likely to have a more stable relationship with her partner.

4. It works well: There have been countless marriages and gilf dating relationships, with a high degree of success. There have certainly been failures as well, but that happens every where – even in normal older man and younger woman relationships too. Some individual cases of failures can not be considered as a logical basis to disregard all such granny dating relationships. Moreover, these relationships do not harm any one, so why oppose them. Every one has a right to lead his life the way he wants and choose a life partner of his choice. Hence, there is no justification to harassing or opposing gilf dating.

5. Everyone deserves an equal chance: No one pin points at celebrities when they date older women celebrities. In fact, celebrities like Demi Moore and Madonna have fearlessly been dating younger men. Not that they are at fault, but similar freedom and consideration must be given to common people as well. Don’t you think so?

6. It is time to change: Many old and baseless perceptions, inappropriate practices, and unethical customs have been changed in modern times. It is high time to bring a change in this case as well, and accept the concept of gilf dating. Although the society at large has started recognizing and accepting these relationships, many people are still not ready to accept this new concept of dating. It is certainly a high time to bring in an attitudinal change.

Gilf dating has certainly gained popularity in some of the renowned developed countries like the US and UK. The trend, however, needs to be followed and accepted across the globe. Women, all over the world have the right to live their lives their own way. A mature lady dating a young man must not be seen as something abnormal, but must be accepted like any other relationship.

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