Granny Dating – Let’s Talk Strategy

Granny dating has taken the world by storm. Everywhere, beautiful mature women are sinking their painted nails into the ripe young skin of their toy boys and if you’re not a part of this scene already, you should be.

It’s common knowledge that men and women age differently and this dating niche helps couples make the most of the sexual peak that they experience at different times in their adult lives. Women over forty and men under thirty are perfectly matched for a good time in and out of the sheets. But what is the perfect strategy for bagging your very own Mrs Robinson/Ashton Kutcher?

Free Your Mind – Traditional dating sites capitalise on the idea that everyone wants to date someone exactly like themselves and this just isn’t true. Of course, many older women are only looking for the companionship of a tea dancing octogenarian, but for every typical granny there is another wilder, sexier woman who just isn’t ready to live life in her slippers yet.

The same can be said for the young men that they crave and so the first step in this strategy is not to judge a book by its cover. An open mind will free you from following stereotypes instead of grabbing onto a piece of the excitement that granny dating promises.

Be Yourself – So you’re a thirty-year-old guy who likes to build model railways as well as lusting after older women OR you’re a sixty-year-old woman who likes to go rock climbing and craves a younger man. Flip these situations over and ask yourself if it really matters. Lying to attract someone can only ever lead to unnecessary stress. Be yourself. The beauty of this scene is that the young men and older women registered on the same dating site find older/younger people attractive so the battle is half-won before you even speak. Embrace your quirks before expecting others to.

Have Fun – Seems a bit too simplistic doesn’t it? Too often, dating can be a real headache. What to wear, what to say, what to do, but forget all that if you plan to explore the world of granny dating. Leave all your baggage behind and just enjoy yourself. Choosing the hot body of a younger man to lean on or the soft curves of a mature lady to caress is already out of the ordinary so why not choose to keep your stress levels out of the ordinary as well? Tradition dictates that dating should be hard work but who gives a hoot about tradition?!

Cougars and their cubs are enjoying the freedom of a new dating scene that brings their hidden pleasures out into the open where they belong. Forget everything you thought dating should be and grab hold of everything that granny dating offers. You will not be disappointed. For fulfilment and pleasure beyond the norms of regular dating look to your sexy older woman and your hot younger man and decide whether you might not like to grab a piece of that action whatever age you are.

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