Granny Dating Is For Real!

This is what is known about granny dating. Granny can be of any age as long as the “man” she is in hot pursuit for is young. She does not have to be the proverbial granny per se. That’s just a cute name to give her, especially if she’s older than fifty years. By that age, she should be a mom and be a granny too. At least that’s what typical Americana taught us. The rules were simple, date someone close to your own age. Heaven forbid you saw your granny dating someone your age or younger. That did not make sense.

However this is a new and modern age. Granny dating is much more popular. By giving it the name granny dating, it seems much nicer than calling it “cougar” dating. Cougar dating sounds more like someone on the prowl for fresh meat. Of course with granny dating, granny isn’t going to pick a young guy in a bar or baseball game and bring him home for milk and cookies or a piano lesson. Somehow that’s not the idea she has in mind. Maybe she’s just lonely, since Gramps took off with the neighbor’s granddaughter or those cute Angels took him to Heaven. Whatever the case may be, granny is usually alone and on the prowl for company.

She still has some “life” in her and still has that special glow that needs to be let loose. Why choose someone her own age when they may need medication, get what they need from the relationship, roll over and snore?

Besides most of them want marriage, someone to take care of them in their old age. Granny has done that. She wants to play. In comes the need for a young buck. One who has stamina, charisma, charm, dares to be seen with an “older” woman on his arm kinda guy. Who cares who is paying for the long as the agreement between granny and her stud muffin are set, then let the fun begin.

If the relationship is uncomfortable around her lady friends, she can always pass him off as a great nephew or grandson from out of town.

With her years of experience, think of what she can teach him, not only about relationships, history, proper eating habits, dressing correctly, going to the theater, being wined and dined… there are limitless possibilities.

Of course there is the sexual part also. Granny would be more experienced there, and what a exciting thrill she would have knowing that a young buck could last and last and last. The idea of Granny dating does make one wonder what it would be like. They just might try that young buck idea first hand to see what he has to offer.

Why not?. Who cares what the family thinks… as long as granny is happy and feeling good, then that’s what counts. Especially if she’s in her seventies or older. Maybe she’ll use up your inheritance on her young buck, she deserves it. Just think of the wonderful scandal for future generations!

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