Cougar Dating – Why are So Many People into It?

Without a doubt, a lot of cougars have already been put under criticism for going out with men who are much younger than them. This is actually why a lot of people doubt that this kind of relationship will actually work in the end. Another question that a lot of people ask about this kind of relationship is why younger men choose to date cougar women when there are so many other women their age out there.

Well, there happen to be many different answers for these questions out there – answers that not a lot of people realize very quickly. For starters, the word ‘cougar’ has given these women negative annotations, but all it is really supposed to do is represent a positive yet powerful trait that could attract younger men to cougar dating. It is used because wild cougars are known to be strong, beautiful, successful and powerful in the jungle. And, in women, how could any man resist those traits?

Cougars, in the world of dating, usually refer to women in their 40s who date cubs, also known as younger men. This is what makes cougar dating setups so interesting to begin with. Despite the chances of public ridicule, there are various reasons why somebody might want to get into cougar dating.

One obvious and common reasons why younger men might want to date a cougar is that she is very self-confident and already knows what she wants. Most men find confidence attractive, which is why they love cougars. Men also love independence in women, which cougars have. Aside from that, older women are very skilled in the world of flirting, so they know exactly how to turn on a young guy. Let’s not forget that older women have a lot of experience in bed, too.

Cougar women are known to be successful, too. They are also settled and financially secured, which is what attracts some younger men to them in the first place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are after cougars for their money, but they do like independent women with financial and personal success overall.

Lastly, cougar women tend to be very independent. This means that they don’t need anybody to look after them at all times. While this makes them a bit resistant to men, it also makes them irresistible in their eyes. Cougars also take good care of themselves and their looks, and even spend a lot of money on themselves to maintain their good looks.

This just goes to show that older woman have many attractive traits that make them interesting and attractive to young men. With these reasons in mind, you probably no longer wonder why so many people are joining the world of cougar dating nowadays.

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