Problems With Dating Older Women

Are there any problems with dating older women that can’t be overcome? Absolutely not, unless the two of you are completely incompatible, that is. If you really care for each other there shouldn’t be any significant problems. In fact, the only trouble you might encounter would most likely come from an outside source.

For some unknown reason there are certain types of people who like nothing better than to cause problems for others. They gossip about people without reservation. Why? Simply because they have nothing else to talk about, or they are green-eyed with jealousy. An older woman who is dating someone younger then herself is going to encounter these people at one time or another.

Now, if she is confident in herself this type of talk will never bother her. It can be daunting, though to know that you and your date are the subject of malicious gossip which may lead to problems in an otherwise healthy relationship. What to do? Ignore it. People who get no reaction will eventually give up on you and find someone else to talk about.

Younger guys who like to date older women are usually to enamored with her to notice anything amiss. He will usually be oblivious to anything going on that doesn’t directly affect him, until he begins to get teased and harassed by his own friends about his date choices. Truth be known-his friends are probably wishing they were in his shoes, but not one of them would admit it.

There can be a lot of nasty comments he might have to learn to contend with once he starts dating someone considerably older. Most of the younger guys who do choose to date an older woman are mature enough to handle the remarks with ease. His friends may not object to his choice of date, but rather the fact that he no longer has time for them.

Others are going to think he is absolutely nuts and that the woman is a “cradle-robber.” Remember though that these guys are young and immature and are just repeating what they may have heard-either from their parents or other friends. Problems with dating older women are problems only if you let them become so. If ignoring the comments doesn’t make them stop then have a face-to-face with the troublemakers.

Even though society is quite accepting of the older woman/younger guy relationships, there are even older, supposedly mature adults who don’t like it. Fortunately, they are few and far between. Most adults know that whatever choice you make is yours entirely. They can deal with it and will have no problem. Too bad everyone wasn’t like that!

If the older woman makes you happy and fulfills your every dream you have every right to pursue a relationship with her, no matter what anyone else may think. The two of you as a couple have all the right in the world to be together and no one can say anything different. They may think what they want, but it should never be allowed to cause problems with dating older women.

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