How To Get It On In Granny Dating

Every now and then a dating craze emerges that breaks boundaries and captures the imagination and no scene has done so well in recent years as granny dating. Since time began virile young men have been hankering for a more mature mate with whom to share their sexy moves.

This hasn’t always been that easy, what with demands from society and rules on propriety and such. Well, throw that rule book away and make the most of the more relaxed world in which we live. Cougar dating is big news and you can be a part of it…That is, if you remember the following tips.

1. Be Assertive – Older women have extra years in which their personalities have had time to develop. Typically every GILF knows what she wants and how to get it. When you are trying to impress an older date it’s never a good idea to show weakness. Be confident, forthright, alert and ask for exactly what it is you want. The worst that can happen is that she will say no but there is no doubt that she will respect your approach and appreciate your assertive qualities.

2. Be Sensitive – Ok, so any woman that you meet online from a granny dating website is going to know that her label says ‘granny’ that does not mean that you refer to her as gran, grandma, or nana at any point in your relationship (no matter how long or short) unless it’s something that both you and her enjoy in which case, label away and good luck to you! Other terms that may cause offence are: cougar, GILF, sugar mama.

3. Embrace The Age Gap – Yes…It’s true…You can admit that you fancy older women. So what if your friends are shocked? Like a fine wine, your chosen mate will have had time to mature into your dream woman and you get to reap the rewards without the years of effort that you might put in with someone your own age. Granny dating allows you to explore your most basic fantasies in the safety of a consenting relationship. So what if your date has extra creases around her eyes…They give her lustful gaze some character, right?

4. Sex Works Both Ways – No big surprise, huh? Well actually, you’d be amazed how many young guys forget that their older partners have had years to find out what it is that they like in the bedroom and if you fail to listen you’ll be out of that bed on your ear quicker than you can say Kama-Sutra! Sex with an older woman can be the hottest thing you’ll ever experience but you need to put the effort in to ensure that you can match up. Get it right and you’re on your way to granny dating’s worst kept secret about the amazing sexual gratification that comes from sex between an older woman and her younger partner.

5. Be Honest – Like a sniffer dog, the older woman can smell out lies a mile off and they’re mature enough to know that a man who can’t be truthful is not worth knowing. Say what you mean, do what you say and everything will be great. One step out of place and you can kiss the greatest dating adventure you’ve ever known goodbye. Granny dating is too amazing a chance to waste!

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