5 Ways To Win In Granny Dating

Forget everything you thought you knew about dating. Turn it on its head. Dating is just for the young and the beautiful, right? Wrong. Online dating is for freaks and geeks, right? Wrong. So many preconceptions taint the world of dating that its difficult to know what’s right and wrong anymore but fear not if you have tastes that are outside of the ordinary.

If you are a young guy who can’t get enough of older women, or you are an older woman who loves to get together with younger guys, granny dating is a revolution in dating that you need to know about. But how can you make sure that you win your dream cub/cougar every time?

1. Be Honest About What You Want – Ok, so it seems simple but it’s surprising how many singles feel they have to pretend to want more or less than they do in order to hook up with someone else. You can be as shallow as a puddle or as deep as a pool but as long as you are honest, you’ll find someone who ticks your boxes. Don’t be afraid to express your kinky side either. If you love rubber, put it on your profile. Make sure that whoever you try and hook knows exactly what it is that you have to offer and what you want in return.

2. Duck Face Is A No No – Hold camera above head, turn neck, pout…Don’t be fooled into thinking that the resulting photo is remotely alluring. Of course, you want to show yourself at your best but don’t be tempted to follow the crowds with your pictures. It’s not like you’re following the crowds with your dating choice is it? Make the most of what you’ve got. Got a great rack, show it off in something tight. Got amazing shoulders, wear a vest. Online dating is all about selling yourself (not in a Pretty Woman type way but you get the picture).

3. Have Fun – Older women bring years of experience and a knowledge of what turns them on to the table, while young guys bring energy, vitality (and buns of steel if you’re lucky). This combination is invariably different to what you might have seen previously but boy does it sparkle?! Have fun with it. The energy of youth with the wisdom of age mould themselves beautifully together. Don’t get hung up on details like age, get hung up from your chandelier (or any other item of furniture) if you like and enjoy the thrill that dating a younger/older person can bring.

4. Kiss The Frogs – So any type of dating has risks and everyone knows what it’s like to meet someone who looks great on paper but after ten minutes you find yourself counting flecks in the carpet of the bar just for something to do. Well, tough! It’s actually part of the fun and how ill you know what you really want until you experience what you definitely don’t want? Enjoy it!

5. Be Confident – People can be very judgemental and this might hurt your feelings. Well don’t let it. Be confident in your dating choices and be happy that you’ll be having a better time than any of those haters. Granny dating is not for the faint hearted but when it’s right it’s sooooooo right!

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