5 Tactics For Granny Dating Revealed

If you’ve always wondered how it might feel to date an older woman or a younger man, you are a perfect candidate for a niche dating scene that has taken the world by storm! Granny dating is bringing like minded people from the cougar and cub camps together for emotional and physical fulfilment (not always at the same time unless they want it that way).

So what is it about this scene that has older women and the men who want them falling over themselves to be a part of it? There’s only one way to find out but if you do choose to get yourself a piece of the action, here are five tips that will stand you in good stead.

1. Get Registered – Make the most of the tools you have. That doesn’t necessarily mean your biceps or your nipped waist (not yet anyway). The Internet is a dater’s best friend. Register with an excellent granny dating site and you could be chatting with young guys or older ladies in just a few clicks. Beware the temptation to exaggerate your gifts with the folk you meet online because you may have to meet these potential dates one day. There’s nothing worse than expecting to eat a cheese and onion crisp and getting a salt and vinegar…This metaphor works well with online date matches too!

2. Know What You Have To Offer – It’s all too easy to forget just how great you are. Especially if you have been single for some time. Just remember that there is nothing more attractive than confidence. Take stock. Recognise your great legs, beautiful smile, wry sense of humour and use them to nab yourself a bit of totty whether you are over forty or under thirty. Everyone has something to offer and being sure of that will make finding the person who appreciates it so much easier!

3. Forget What You Think You Know – “She’s too old for him” or “He’s too young for her” are statements that you may have used yourself in the past and they are statements that you are likely to continue hearing in the future. The problem with us lot, humans, is that we are so judgemental. Things change so forget everything you might have thought about the world of dating and open yourself up to a new and exciting experience. Young guys have all the energy and vigour of youth while older women have the emotional maturity and experience that guarantee an explosive combination. Make the most of it!

4. Explore – Do you have a type? Tall, dark and handsome? Short, bald and ugly? Throw caution to the wind and use the opportunities that online dating offers for trying something different. Online dating might just throw up some surprises that you weren’t expecting!

5. Know The Risks – You will meet those who have lied about their occupations or their personalities or their looks but so what? Have you always been totally honest with people? Enjoy the process of searching for your prince or mature princess and expect to have some sifting to do before you find your ideal partner. Be safe and have fun searching out a dream date. Granny dating is nothing if not exciting! Happy dating.

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