Problems With Dating Older Women

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hot granny dating

hot granny dating

Are there any problems with dating older women that can’t be overcome? Absolutely not, unless the two of you are completely incompatible, that is. If you really care for each other there shouldn’t be any significant problems. In fact, the only trouble you might encounter would most likely come from an outside source.

For some unknown reason there are certain types of people who like nothing better than to cause problems for others. They gossip about people without reservation. Why? Simply because they have nothing else to talk about, or they are green-eyed with jealousy. An older woman who is dating someone younger then herself is going to encounter these people at one time or another.

Now, if she is confident in herself this type of talk will never bother her. It can be daunting, though to know that you and your date are the subject of malicious gossip which may lead to problems in an otherwise healthy relationship. What to do? Ignore it. People who get no reaction will eventually give up on you and find someone else to talk about.

Younger guys who like to date older women are usually to enamored with her to notice anything amiss. He will usually be oblivious to anything going on that doesn’t directly affect him, until he begins to get teased and harassed by his own friends about his date choices. Truth be known-his friends are probably wishing they were in his shoes, but not one of them would admit it.

There can be a lot of nasty comments he might have to learn to contend with once he starts dating someone considerably older. Most of the younger guys who do choose to date an older woman are mature enough to handle the remarks with ease. His friends may not object to his choice of date, but rather the fact that he no longer has time for them.

Others are going to think he is absolutely nuts and that the woman is a “cradle-robber.” Remember though that these guys are young and immature and are just repeating what they may have heard-either from their parents or other friends. Problems with dating older women are problems only if you let them become so. If ignoring the comments doesn’t make them stop then have a face-to-face with the troublemakers.

Even though society is quite accepting of the older woman/younger guy relationships, there are even older, supposedly mature adults who don’t like it. Fortunately, they are few and far between. Most adults know that whatever choice you make is yours entirely. They can deal with it and will have no problem. Too bad everyone wasn’t like that!

If the older woman makes you happy and fulfills your every dream you have every right to pursue a relationship with her, no matter what anyone else may think. The two of you as a couple have all the right in the world to be together and no one can say anything different. They may think what they want, but it should never be allowed to cause problems with dating older women.

Mature Dating Fun and Passion Knows No Age Boundaries

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hot grannies

hot grannies

Granny dating has gained popularity all over the world. It is providing an opportunity among mature women and younger men to live out their fantasies and kinky desires. This helps in adding a spark in their love lives to have fun that is not repressed. The concept of age does not come into play in grannie dating.

Relationships with grannies can be built through online platforms where younger men can get to meet mature women for all kinds of fun. Many young men have different preferences and tastes when it comes to dalliance with women. There are older males who have a thing for young girls and there are many young men whose ultimate idea of a sexy date is to be with an older woman.

Sites that are connected with dating grannies focus on making avenues available for mature women to have fun with their toy boys. By means of such sites, mature women hook up with a range of younger men for a relationship with no strings attached. The date is meant for flirting, chatting and passionate flings.

When younger men date a granny, they help themselves by keeping the boredom and monotony of straight dates at bay. The young men are actually doing a great favour on these mature women by dating them as they are allowing the older women to live out the days of their younger years and catch up on what they had been missing. It is a great feeling for the mature women to be among hot young men who are likely to be more virile than their current or ex-partners. Many older women simply play out their kinkiest fantasies and bring them to life.

Such dating sites allow young men to go out with an older woman and they make dating much easier with online platforms where mature ladies can register and upload their images or video profiles. They get to state what they expect out of a date along with their specific preferences in order to find a choice partner.

Younger men dating older women can, in a nutshell, expect a passionate encounter or a chatting and flirting session through granny dating sites and allow all their repressed dreams or fantasies to come out alive. Mature dating has been controlled by some manipulative interference of family values and societal norms. It has been restricted down the ages with certain rules that spelt out the dos and the donts. However, the principles of courting have never been dictated by the boundaries of age. Dating has never been meant to be a prerogative of only young women and men. It is a custom that is not meant exclusively for people under the age group of thirty. Passion and fun knows no age boundaries.

Dating Older Women – Why Is This Topic So Fascinating?

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hot gilfs uk

hot gilfs uk

Dating older women seems to be getting much more popular in the United Kingdom nowadays. However, is this fad merely here for the short term or is grandma dating starting to make its place in today’s society as a permanent thing?

Regardless of whether you choose to believe in it or not, it would seem that the world of grannies will be staying with us for quite a while. It seems as if more younger men are getting compelled to look to older women as their possible partners and older women are getting compelled to look to younger men, as well.

The phenomenon of dating older women seems to have skyrocketed within the past few years for various reasons, but one main catalyst to this trend would be the granny craving that Hollywood in particular has opened up to the world.

Women dating younger men can be seen, for example, in the poster couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, but there are also more moderate couples like Guy Ritchie and Madonna that have dazzled the screens. What was once a taboo topic in the past seems to have suddenly begun to spread into today’s world and this world appears to be accepting it with open arms.

Practically anywhere you look; the topic of dating older women can be seen or heard in movies or conversations where the topics of dating and relationships come up. It seems to have become a highly modern topic of hype and controversy that has broken traditional paradigms and rules on how relationships and dating were once seen.

The reasons behind why granny singles get talked about a lot as a topic are probably endless. However, several primary reasons in the granny scene have become more popular than others, such as the following:

1. When dating older women first came into the picture, the reputation of these women was a very provocative one. Even after mature women singles started to get even more well-known and popular, a lot of people still saw them as nothing but degenerative and raunchy. Any images associated with them were of short-lived and explicit relationships with men who were younger – nothing more. Although this is not true (at least, not always), a lot of people still find the topic to be scandalous.

2. This dating subject has broken a lot of molds in a lot of different areas. One obvious phenomenon would be that it is now acceptable for older women to gain advantages from dating somebody younger and that that privilege is no longer reserved for older men alone. Giving women this novel and liberating chance happens to be something that is completely new to modern history.

3. The term ‘grannies’ now seems to refer to individualism, empowerment, attitude, and independence for a lot of women, making it a topic worth raving about.

As the brand new movement of dating older women continues to progress and captivate more people, it is highly likely for it to influence how people interact with one another in their daily lives even more, most of all when it comes to lifestyle, attitude, communication, and relationships related to grandma dating.

Cougar Dating Rules – What You Should Do and What You Shouldn’t Do

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granny slappers uk

granny slappers uk

Cougar dating refers to a specific kind of dating, where a more experienced older woman dates a younger man. Since the age gap between these two people is quite large, it is practically impossible for them to end up together in the future. In fact, in a lot of cases, romance isn’t even involved in the relationship, just physical attraction. Since cougar dating comes with so many special circumstances, it only makes sense that its rules are quite different compared to regular relationships, as well.

Rule 1 – Do not plan for the future.
Although this rule will mostly depend on the individual situation and age gap, couples involved in this kind of relationship usually aren’t interested in ending up together; they merely want to experience something adventurous for the short term. Because of this, you shouldn’t scare your partner by mentioning the home that you envision for the two of you in the near or distant future.

Rule 2 – Respect your differences and reasons for getting into a cougar relationship.
While cougar relationships can be specific, both partners might not share the same reasons for being in it. The older woman might just be curious about what else is out there, for instance, while the younger man might just want to learn some new bedroom tricks that only an older partner can teach him. Either way, just have fun while you are in it and avoid asking your partner too many questions about it.

Rule 3 – Prepare yourself for the end.
All that this means is that you should be ready to leave your partner with any emotional attachments. The great thing about this type of dating is that you can just have fun without fearing or planning the future. On that note, though, you should be able to gracefully accept the end when it comes without being confrontational or bitter about it.

Cougar Dating – Why are So Many People into It?

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grannies dating uk

grannies dating uk

Without a doubt, a lot of cougars have already been put under criticism for going out with men who are much younger than them. This is actually why a lot of people doubt that this kind of relationship will actually work in the end. Another question that a lot of people ask about this kind of relationship is why younger men choose to date cougar women when there are so many other women their age out there.

Well, there happen to be many different answers for these questions out there – answers that not a lot of people realize very quickly. For starters, the word ‘cougar’ has given these women negative annotations, but all it is really supposed to do is represent a positive yet powerful trait that could attract younger men to cougar dating. It is used because wild cougars are known to be strong, beautiful, successful and powerful in the jungle. And, in women, how could any man resist those traits?

Cougars, in the world of dating, usually refer to women in their 40s who date cubs, also known as younger men. This is what makes cougar dating setups so interesting to begin with. Despite the chances of public ridicule, there are various reasons why somebody might want to get into cougar dating.

One obvious and common reasons why younger men might want to date a cougar is that she is very self-confident and already knows what she wants. Most men find confidence attractive, which is why they love cougars. Men also love independence in women, which cougars have. Aside from that, older women are very skilled in the world of flirting, so they know exactly how to turn on a young guy. Let’s not forget that older women have a lot of experience in bed, too.

Cougar women are known to be successful, too. They are also settled and financially secured, which is what attracts some younger men to them in the first place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are after cougars for their money, but they do like independent women with financial and personal success overall.

Lastly, cougar women tend to be very independent. This means that they don’t need anybody to look after them at all times. While this makes them a bit resistant to men, it also makes them irresistible in their eyes. Cougars also take good care of themselves and their looks, and even spend a lot of money on themselves to maintain their good looks.

This just goes to show that older woman have many attractive traits that make them interesting and attractive to young men. With these reasons in mind, you probably no longer wonder why so many people are joining the world of cougar dating nowadays.

Why Older Women Dating Sites Might Be a Great Fit For You

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While most dating sites are ostensibly aimed at people of all age groups, many of them tend to skew young. This can be frustrating for older women, particularly women who are looking to date younger men. If you fall into this age group, you might want to give older women dating sites a try. These sites are specifically designed for older women and the people who want to date them. When you use a site like this, you won’t have to compete with women who are younger than you. You’ll be a part of the most desirable age group.

If you want to meet someone who is really looking for a woman your age, a site like this is the perfect way to find them. These sites are designed with mature women in mind, and any woman who uses them is sure to have a positive experience. In this day and age, many people are obsessed with youth. However, that doesn’t mean that every man is looking for a young women. Some men love to date women who are older than them, and others simply want a woman their own age.

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman

If you’re considering signing up for a site like this, take a look at the various options out there. You’ll find that you have a number of different choices, and it’s likely that most of them will be very good. You might even want to sign up for more than one website! Some of the websites are free to sign up for, and others have a free trial. It can’t hurt to take a closer look at some of the many great sites out there and see if they might be a good fit for you.

A lot of women have reported that these sites have helped to give them a new lease on life. They haven’t just helped women to find new romantic partners. They’ve helped women feel attractive and confident again. That alone can be life changing. There’s no reason that a woman should waste her time on a dating site where younger women are the focus. There are all kinds of sites that are centered around mature ladies, and those sites are where older women will find the most options. Instead of fighting over slim pickings, men will be fighting over them.

Lots of women dream about having a bunch of attractive men fighting over them. That dream can become a reality if you sign up for the right dating site. The men who join sites like this love older women, and they are extremely interested in having the chance to date them. Don’t waste your time on a dating site where you won’t be the center of attention. Older women dating sites are aimed at older women and the men who love them. It’s the perfect place for any mature lady to sign up. Look at the sites out there and see which one might be right for you.

Check out and start your FREE trial today! Lots of hot, up for it UK grannies await you! Get in there!

The Intricacies Of Older Women Dating Younger Men

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Hot Woman

Hot Woman

Is he too young for me? That’s a question that every woman asks themselves whenever they get involved with a relatively younger man. It’s a challenge for an older woman to get back to the dating game especially when the partner in question is much younger. However, uncertainty should not be a barrier to your happiness as it’s possible that an older woman can date a much younger man and the relationship to stand the test of time.

For older women dating younger men it may be a curse or a blessing depending on the angle one chooses to perceive it from. This is because older women dating younger men claim that dating a younger man keeps them looking younger and prettier. This might be true depending on personal judgment. Women who love to be in control also are more into dating younger men who they can manipulate.

Manipulation of younger men results from the independence of the older women that are usually in their prime in many aspects. These women also understand their needs and are not shy to address them which at times intimidate the young men. The sexual desire for these women is also fed by the young men who tend to find it easy to fulfill their sexual fantasies with these older women who are not shy of their bodies whatsoever and are much more experienced in matters sex.

However it’s not all rosy with older women dating younger men. There are several challenges involved:


Most women are quite insecure with the fear of losing their younger men to the younger, attractive and sexier women. This can be contributed by the older women mostly having kids of their own and a larger number of the young men wanting kids of their own too. This is a factor that strains most of these relationships.

Alpha-male Character

Most women also possess the Alpha-male or domineering character over the young men. This is the result of the women in most cases earning more than the younger men or being more experienced than the younger men. The women also may grow tired of being the wise ones in the relationship or else being the consultants over decision making. Women naturally desire a man who helps them in all aspects and being more of leaders especially when it comes to decision making.
Remarks by society

Remarks by friends and family are also a hindrance to these relationships. Who fancies being referred to as a cougar? The comments usually made make the older women look desperate which usually is not the case but nevertheless the stigma strains these kind of relationships.

Nevertheless, regardless of all these challenges, there is hope for these kinds of relationships. Communication is necessary in such kind of relationships in order to address the worries of such a complicated affair. It will be hard for the relationship to succeed with insecurities but with the right assurances and common goals it’s very possible.

Finally, despite the daunting task and the risks involved, older woman/younger woman relationships do thrive and the couples stay happy ever after. This will be determined by the commitment of both parties. A key factor is one to think critically of what they need from the relationship and how much they are willing to sacrifice for the success of the relationship. Love knows no boundaries nor does it discriminate based on age.

The Benefits Of Dating Older Women

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Cougar Dating

Cougar Dating

In most relationships, men tend to pick women who are much younger than them, especially when they seek marriage. This is probably an innate setting that tells them they need to have healthy children in order to propagate their genes. The younger the wife, the more fertile she is. In addition, children born to younger women are less exposed to the risk of genetic defects and conditions.

On the other hand, there are also benefits of dating older women, so there are enough young guys who prefer this variant for their love life. Older women have the advantage of being more experienced and more capable to guide the guy in offering her pleasure and fulfilling her needs. Young girls tend to be shy when it comes to expressing what they enjoy. The older they get, the more they realize honest and direct communication is the key to happy relationships.

In addition, older women are more willing to talk about their feelings and find a way of nurturing a healthy relationship. They tend to argue less than younger ones, as they start to value harmony more than the pride of being always right. They don’t want to be right anymore, so they choose to be kind instead. This is a powerful tool for calming down potential conflicts in the couple, thus leading to happier relationships and a better atmosphere in the house. Thinking that they are also more capable of controlling their emotions and their reactions to various life challenges, it’s easy to see the benefits of dating older women.

This trend is gaining more and more traction, as young men understand these benefits. Besides, when you are a guy and you are young, you don’t want a family just yet, so you don’t see a disadvantage in the fact that you date a women who is 20 years older than you. Most men divorce their wives around the age of 50 anyway for marrying 20-something girls who have the freshness and the glamour of their youth, and who are just ready to bear children.

All these things make sense from an evolutionary point of view. Young girls seek stability and protection. Older, wealthy guys are capable to provide for them and to offer them everything they need to run a household and a family. On the other hand, very young guys still need to make a career and to gain some wealth before being ready to set up a family of their own. By choosing to date older women, they can be almost sure they aren’t going to be pressed into marriage, having babies and other similar things. Most older women had their children anyway, so they are rather interested in stability in the couple and happiness in their home. In addition, most of them are already financially stable, so they don’t mind their partner earning less. This is a win-win situation for both parties involved, thus being quite successful in many circles and communities.

Understanding Realities About Granny Dating

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The concept of granny dating has not yet been completely accepted by our conservative society. Therefore, younger men and older woman, who are attracted to one another, do have a lot of doubts in their mind regarding the fate of their relationship. This article tries to dispel these confusing thoughts by discussing some of the most prominent facts associated with granny dating.

free granny datingOften women discover that the relationships, which they establish during their later years, are more satisfying and fun filled than the romantic flings of their youth. This is the reason why the popularity of grannies dating has increased in the recent times. But, are there any aspects about dating an older woman that a man should understand before going ahead with the relationship? Probably, some of the facts that are listed below.

One must realize the fact that older woman with age lose their capability to become pregnant. Moreover, today’s mature ladies are no longer the stereotypes of yesteryears. The idea of physical intimacy without the hassle of any commitment is indeed very attractive and has caught the attention of the mature ladies who have no intention of getting down into any serious bondage.

The concept of grannyy dating is being preferred by women so as to enjoy sexual relationships without the hassles of small children and associated mental agonies. Therefore, it is important that you be realistic in your thoughts, particularly if you desire to have kids. Similarly, when you date an older lady, it is likely that the woman might have a family of her own from past relationships. Any such thing might severely hamper your intimacy with your partner. You might even get burdened with additional responsibilities.

Second aspect is sexuality. With the onset of menopause, women tend to experience quite a number of physical and mental changes, among which most important is the woman’s libido. It is a very well accepted fact that with increasing age women tend to appear more attractive, beautiful, hot, and sexy. The reason is their increased sexuality that reaches its peak once a woman turns 30 and stays there for quite a some time. When it comes to grannies dating, women do take advantage of this natural phenomenon and even find that they are privileged to a more satisfying relationship than they would have had in their younger days.

Thirdly, one major attribute that attracts younger men towards grannies dating is that mature women do have a clear and complete idea about their preferences and the way they can be fulfilled. Therefore, as a man, you no longer need to waste your time or scratch your head trying to figure out the likes and dislikes of your date.

With respect to grannies dating, one important fact that a man should remember is that mature singles prefer being independent in every aspect, be it emotional or financial. You would no longer prefer dating a burden on your pocket if your date is financially independent.

Mature older women are more understanding and experienced in terms of age and knowledge, understand life in a much better way and would never try to influence your thoughts, views or perceptions. Rather, they can act as perfect mentors showing you the right path to success in life. So, if you are a type of person who happens to impose terms on a mature woman, there is no way your relationship with her would succeed for a long time.

For any relationship to blossom, intermingling of minds is essential. To retain the magic in their relationship, it is necessary that both the man and the woman should take time to understand each other and see that the relationship works. There is a difference between the love of the younger years and the mellower and mature relationship that people enjoy when they turn mature.

Discover The Pros And Cons Of Dating GILFS

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Young men dating older women, is a trend that is gaining popularity and acceptance in the society at a steady pace. You are certainly going to have fun with mature women, but you would also need to compromise in a few ways. This article tries to discuss the impacts that granny dating could have on the younger man.

Imagine dating a hot granny girl, who is hungry for your love and attention. Apart from enjoying an immensely satisfying sex life, you can also experience a very loving and stable relationship with the granny. But as in the case of everything else, dating gilfs can also have two contrasting impacts (positive as well as negative impacts). Provided below, is a list of both the positive as well as negative impacts of mature dating.

Positive impacts:

1. You learn the practicality of life: Mature ladies are practical and know what they want from life. It could be a great learning experience for you because as a youngster, you may not know about many realities of life that you could learn from these experienced and knowledgeable gilfs. Eventually, young men dating older women, tend to mature beyond their age and learn more than what they could have originally learnt at their age.

granny-dating2. You learn more about relationships: Your granny girl is bound to know more about relationships than you do. You would learn the real way of living in a relationship. She is sure to be very good at maintaining the relationship well – nurturing the relationship with lots of love and dedication – and you could learn a few tips from her. And the greatest one would be to understand the value of commitment. Unlike with younger women involved in relationships, you can expect a high degree of commitment from these old women. You would actually realize the significance of commitment in a relationship from your older partner.

Negative impacts:

1. You would miss a young companion: After all you are young, and will occasionally miss a young and enthusiastic companion of your age. It is not a hidden fact that people of similar age groups get along better.

2. Your male ego may get hurt: Normally men tend to dominate or at least have an upper hand in a relationship. However, if your female partner is older than you are, then it could be difficult for you to dominate or dictate any terms to her at all. Unless you are ready to sacrifice on your male ego, a granny girl may not be suitable for you.

3. There could be frustrating differences of opinions: Gilfs have their own way of thinking, and the opinions are bound to differ from those of younger men. These differences of opinions could sometimes lead to hot arguments. Needless to say, these arguments can very often be very frustrating when dating gilfs.

4. You could always feel the age gap: Gilfs may be hot, but they are aged too. The age difference will certainly show. Be it the choice of food, clothing, movies, or anything else. There will be a difference in tastes. Such difference, as a result of age gap can sometimes get very annoying. You may soon start feeling that you are not with the right partner.

Every thing has a positive and negative side, and so does a relationship with any of the gilfs. It is difficult to conclude if the relationship with an old woman is a good thing or not. After all it is a matter of personal choice. If there is honesty and sincerity in the relationship, then any relationship can flourish. Many people form a very long term relationship with grannies and manage to do so successfully. It is all about the way you look at things – you may either hunt for too many negatives with these relationships, or you can just sit back and cherish their positives.

However, one important consideration when dating gilfs – if you are young and inexperienced, having sex with a gilf could be one of the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences of your life!

5 Excellent Gilfs Dating Tips

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In the recent years, Gilfs dating seems to be one of the most exciting things to do for men. However, younger men find it extremely challenging to ask a granny out for a date for the first time. The reason is most men tend to apprehensive about approaching grannies for dating. This article aims at training you to ask a granny girl out with confidence and success.

For everything there is a first time. In the same manner, there is also a first time when you need to ask an older lady out for a date. Once you successfully go for your first date, gilfs dating can then be a cake walk from there. A lot depends on the way you approach her for a date. You need to be confident, polite, and quick witted. To give you a better understanding about how to invite a granny girl out, mentioned here are a few vital points that must always be kept in mind:

1. It is all about a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ – Why do you hesitate? After all, if the lady is beautiful, intelligent and sexy, just do not delay asking. This is because the more you delay in asking the granny out the more you are delaying your gilfs dating experience. At the end of the day, she could either say a “yes” or a “no”, nothing more. Most young men think too much before asking her out. As a result, they keep delaying things. Remember, if you do not ask her out, someone else may. You would only be left wondering and regretting.

2. Give an option while asking – Whenever you request a granny out for a date, give her an option to choose from. For instance, you could ask for a dinner on a Saturday or a Sunday evening. An option would make her feel good and that you are adjusting and considering. Also, this would improve your chances of hearing a “yes” and give you a better chance to take the lady on a date successfully.

3. Do not sound desperate – Always pretend to be reserved and busy. Mature women admire reserved, busy, and respectful men. Your dream of gilfs dating may tempt you to behave in a desperate manner. However, remember that you must hang on and remain patient. She is certainly going to say a “no” to a desperate man. “Make her come to you, do not chase her” is an old rule in the book of dating.

4. There is no reason to be nervous – Nervousness could easily spoil your chances. This is the last thing you would want to do. Gilfs dating is not for nervous men, but for somebody who is bold and confident. And these are the traits that older women tend to look for in their partners. Leave the nervousness aside and ask her out with confidence. However, remember to gauge her mood before you ask her out. You would not want to ask her out when she is not in the best of her moods or when she has had a bad day at office. Identify your opportunity and just go about it.

5. Try and ask her in person, not in a middle of a big group – The manner in which you approach a lady and request her for a date is very important to ensure a successful attempt. You may not get the correct response from her, if you asked in public. As a rule of thumb for gilfs dating, make sure that there is enough privacy when you ask her out. This will give you as well as her enough space to talk and understand each other’s preferences and intentions.

6. Lastly, do not crib around if she says ‘no’ – Just move on if the lady prefers to stay away from the date. After all, it is her life and it’s her decision. Well, she might have a good reason to reject your offer anyways. Try your luck some other time, may be with someone else. Remember, any argument or excessive discussion about the issue is definitely not going to yield you anything.

You will find gilfs dating a much pleasurable and romantic experience. The only thing you need to do is to be a little careful initially.

Granny Dating? What A Hot Gilf Looks For In You!

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Why do you think would an older lady want to date a younger man? Well, because there is definitely something more attractive about dating a younger mate than an older mate. So, what exactly are these attributes that a hot gilf looks for in her younger mate? This article uncovers some of those secret desires of a hot granny dating.

free-granny-datingWith growing age, all of us gain a lot of experience in almost all spheres of life. We tend to learn a lot of new things, and perform better with growing experience. Similarly, a hot gilf also learns quite a few lessons in her life and knows exactly what she wants from a fresh relationship.

She may have had some good and bad relationships in the past and might have learnt a lot from those past relationships. With so much experience under her belt, a mature lady certainly knows the kind of man she now wants in her life to fill it up with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. Discussed below are some of those secret desires of a granny girl and granny dating.

1. She looks for a man with enthusiasm: Older women look for more activeness and enthusiasm as they age. As for men, they are more enthusiastic and romantic during the early phase of their life. Younger men are more enthusiastic towards life and there is a lot of zest in their life. This is exactly what a hot gilf wants. The combination, therefore, works very well for the mature women and they know it just too well.

2. She looks for a better sex partner: As we all know, sex is an important criteria that plays a very decisive role in the stability of a man-woman relationship. Older women peak more with age. On the contrary, men are more active sexually, during the younger years of their life.

Therefore, a young man pairing with a hot gilf can mean a great sex life for the two of them, especially because older women are ready for all sorts of experimentation during sex. A more satisfying sex life is therefore, the top most reason why a granny girl prefers a younger mate – they can together enjoy a wild and passionate sex life.

3. She looks for some one who can listen to her: Because she is older than the person she gets the upper hand. She is more likely to be the boss. This would never be possible with a man of the same age group. At her age, she would not want to be dominated, but would like to dominate her partner.

4. She looks for a man with whom she feels secure enough: Be it a young lady, or an older gilf – a woman always looks for some security in her life. She wants to be taken care of, and receive protection. Younger men, with very little other priorities in life, are more likely to provide a granny girl with the pampering care that she craves for so badly.

However, an older man, who has a lot other important priorities in life, or who is probably ailing with some kind of health problem, may not be able to provide her with the same sense of security as compared to a strong and healthy younger man.

5. She looks for someone she can rely on: Grannies often have a horrid past, the pain and trauma of which, does not seem to erase from their senses easily. One such cause of agony is the loss of a loving mate. Women, therefore, tend to seek a permanency factor in their future relationships. This makes them more inclined towards healthier partners, irrespective of whether they are younger or older.

They are obviously more attracted to younger men due to the fact that a younger man is likely to live longer than an older man is. In fact, a younger guy may live longer than the lady herself. This guarantees the older woman that the guy is there to stay with her. She does not want to lose her mate again. The same can not be guaranteed with an old man, who probably has too many health problems.

6. She looks for someone who is better than all her ex boyfriends: We all look for greener pastures in life. The same holds true for these ageing women. A gilf is more experienced than any young man, who gets attracted to the tricks played by her. Why would she settle for an ageing man, when a younger man is interested in her, who can offer her much more comforts and facilities than an oldie can? She certainly knows which kind of man she wants in her life now, to fill it up with enthusiasm and happiness. So there you have it! The secrets to hot granny dating – revealed! Get in there!

Achieve Victory With These GILF Dating Strategies

Camilla Jordan

Many eyebrows get raised when a young man is seen dating a woman who is older than he is. Is there anything seriously wrong with gilf dating? We discuss exactly the same thing in this article and try to come out with an answer.

Good or bad, gilf dating is a dating sensation that is sweeping across the US and UK. Open minded young men are fearlessly dating their dream women, even if they are older than they are in age. So, is that a big deal? Not really! Traditional practices can be bent and made flexible to accommodate the needs of the present generation people.

gilf dating ukIf you are one of those conservative people, who is strictly against the concept of granny dating, then please consider the following points, which are bound to change your opinion about this new concept of dating –

1. Where do mature women at 40 go? Unfortunately divorces are happening as regularly as marriages these days. That leaves many women and men alone, at the age of 35 to 45. Most of the men tend to remarry younger girls between the age group of 25 to 35 years. So, where do the divorced women (in the age group of 40) go in such a case? They certainly have a point here – they have an equal right to resettle in life. Furthermore, it is solely their personal choice to marry a man in the same age group or a different age group.

2. If men can do it, so can women: Men have historically been known to marry younger women. Times have changed now, and women are well equipped to achieve everything that a man can. They have grown much more confident and knowledgeable than in the past. Women have started taking up highly challenging jobs, and have proved their mettle in those areas, which were once considered to be strictly a man’s domain. So, why can women not be bestowed with an equal right to do what men can do? Why can they not date and marry younger men?

3. Ageing women are responsible enough: Without a doubt, any granny is mature enough to understand, respect, nurture and handle a relationship. She is much more committed towards a relationship than her other (younger) female counterparts. There is no reason why she can not have a relationship with a younger guy. With such a committed partner by his side, any man would be happy and contented. In fact, when compared to a young and immature girl, a granny girl is likely to have a more stable relationship with her partner.

4. It works well: There have been countless marriages and gilf dating relationships, with a high degree of success. There have certainly been failures as well, but that happens every where – even in normal older man and younger woman relationships too. Some individual cases of failures can not be considered as a logical basis to disregard all such granny dating relationships. Moreover, these relationships do not harm any one, so why oppose them. Every one has a right to lead his life the way he wants and choose a life partner of his choice. Hence, there is no justification to harassing or opposing gilf dating.

5. Everyone deserves an equal chance: No one pin points at celebrities when they date older women celebrities. In fact, celebrities like Demi Moore and Madonna have fearlessly been dating younger men. Not that they are at fault, but similar freedom and consideration must be given to common people as well. Don’t you think so?

6. It is time to change: Many old and baseless perceptions, inappropriate practices, and unethical customs have been changed in modern times. It is high time to bring a change in this case as well, and accept the concept of gilf dating. Although the society at large has started recognizing and accepting these relationships, many people are still not ready to accept this new concept of dating. It is certainly a high time to bring in an attitudinal change.

Gilf dating has certainly gained popularity in some of the renowned developed countries like the US and UK. The trend, however, needs to be followed and accepted across the globe. Women, all over the world have the right to live their lives their own way. A mature lady dating a young man must not be seen as something abnormal, but must be accepted like any other relationship.

What You Don’t Know About Granny Dating May Shock You

Camilla Jordan

Dating online is not only a fashion for younger people, most seniors are nowadays online and having the best out of the web. Granny dating is one of the hottest dating niches available online. Younger men enjoy dating older women for various reasons and older women also have their own reasons. A man will want a mature woman who is experienced in the world of love and on the other hand, the woman wants someone youthful and handsome to make her feel vibrant and young.

A cougar, a name which refers to an older woman, is often seen as sexually mature and confident woman who knows what she likes and wants. Therefore, if you are a young man who is attracted to an older woman, what you do not know about granny dating may shock you. As much as you are in a position to offer the excitement she is looking for, you need to understand the whole drama of dating an older woman.

Dating an older woman is almost similar to dating a woman of your age group, except for a few factors you have to know. In order to avoid being caught unawares, take note of the following while you date an older woman:

Older Women Are Mature

Older women normally have a lot of experience when it comes to matters of love and thus they do not behave like some younger women. They do not typically watch on their men, they are not jealous and also they do not make their companion jealous. They are definite about what they actually want out of that relationship and they make it known. Always expect her to be straight with you in all matters and prepare reciprocate the same.

They Are Financially Stable

Senior women are more likely to have settled financially. They have permanent assets, including her home and various investments. This can be intimidating if you are worth less money than she is. It is therefore necessary to consider how you feel about it and find out how she is taking the issue too.

Older Women Have Children

Considering that these women have been in other relationships, they probably have children. This is not an issue especially if the kids are grown, but if they are minors, it can be problematic. The only way out is to discuss with her on how you will both handle the case.

Free Time

Considering that they are financially stable and their children are usually grown, older women have a lot of free time. They choose to do different activities during those times. If you are her partner, she may want you around at that time.

If you are a younger man attracted to a cougar, it is therefore important to learn how to date her. To have the best out of it, know about granny dating, what it entails in order to avoid being disappointed when you learn them when it is too late. Do not be afraid to explore your fantasies; always have the right tools to set you going.

Granny Dating – Let’s Talk Strategy

Camilla Jordan

Granny dating has taken the world by storm. Everywhere, beautiful mature women are sinking their painted nails into the ripe young skin of their toy boys and if you’re not a part of this scene already, you should be.

It’s common knowledge that men and women age differently and this dating niche helps couples make the most of the sexual peak that they experience at different times in their adult lives. Women over forty and men under thirty are perfectly matched for a good time in and out of the sheets. But what is the perfect strategy for bagging your very own Mrs Robinson/Ashton Kutcher?

Free Granny Dating Site | Meet Local Granny by hotgrannydating

Free Your Mind – Traditional dating sites capitalise on the idea that everyone wants to date someone exactly like themselves and this just isn’t true. Of course, many older women are only looking for the companionship of a tea dancing octogenarian, but for every typical granny there is another wilder, sexier woman who just isn’t ready to live life in her slippers yet.

The same can be said for the young men that they crave and so the first step in this strategy is not to judge a book by its cover. An open mind will free you from following stereotypes instead of grabbing onto a piece of the excitement that granny dating promises.

Be Yourself – So you’re a thirty-year-old guy who likes to build model railways as well as lusting after older women OR you’re a sixty-year-old woman who likes to go rock climbing and craves a younger man. Flip these situations over and ask yourself if it really matters. Lying to attract someone can only ever lead to unnecessary stress. Be yourself. The beauty of this scene is that the young men and older women registered on the same dating site find older/younger people attractive so the battle is half-won before you even speak. Embrace your quirks before expecting others to.

Have Fun – Seems a bit too simplistic doesn’t it? Too often, dating can be a real headache. What to wear, what to say, what to do, but forget all that if you plan to explore the world of granny dating. Leave all your baggage behind and just enjoy yourself. Choosing the hot body of a younger man to lean on or the soft curves of a mature lady to caress is already out of the ordinary so why not choose to keep your stress levels out of the ordinary as well? Tradition dictates that dating should be hard work but who gives a hoot about tradition?!

Cougars and their cubs are enjoying the freedom of a new dating scene that brings their hidden pleasures out into the open where they belong. Forget everything you thought dating should be and grab hold of everything that granny dating offers. You will not be disappointed. For fulfilment and pleasure beyond the norms of regular dating look to your sexy older woman and your hot younger man and decide whether you might not like to grab a piece of that action whatever age you are.

5 Burning Questions About Dating Granny

Camilla Jordan

With the rise of granny dating, more and more sexy older women and young hot guys are getting together but do you know everything that you want to know about this exciting niche scene? Read on for five of the most asked questions about dating granny.

1. What Is Granny Dating/GILF Dating?

In USA they call it cougar dating. In its most basic form this type of singles matching is made up of women over forty and the younger men that want to be with them. That’s not to say that a two year age difference puts a couple into this category. Typically the cubs who want to be with cougars are between twenty and thirty or at least half the woman’s age. Just think Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones in reverse.

2. How Can I Meet A Granny?

More and more people are finding love and sex through the Internet and cougars and their cubs are no different. Speciality sites have been designed to make sure that hot young men can get to know a sexy older woman from the comfort of their own homes. Matching your needs, wants and dreams as well as physical appearance makes the initial date so much easier to manage and ensures minimal disappointments on date night.

3. Will The Age Difference Prove To Be Difficult?

Age differences can be as difficult or as easy as you make them. If you are typically terrified of what other people think about you then perhaps you should stick with someone your own age. If, however, you are only interested in the gorgeous granny or sexy young buck in front of you this scene will yield great rewards. The maturity of the ladies in this kind of paring offers their young boy toys years of untold emotional experience while the virile passions of the cubs ensure a wild time for both. Who cares about age differences now eh?

4. Don’t All Older Women Want Monogamy?

Stereotyping on the dating scene is a dangerous pursuit for men and women on both sides of the age spectrum. Of course, there are a number of cougars who want to meet their Mr Right to settle down but strikingly on this scene there are just as many older women who want casual flings with Mr Right Now! Defining the boundaries of your relationship with your granny or your boy will be essential to ensure that everyone gets what they want from your match. Marriage and cats? Great! One night of sex that leaves your toes curled for days? Great! Dating granny can be what you want it to be!

5. Will We Have Anything In Common?

As with the questions above, it would be silly to assume that just because a woman is over forty the only thing she’ll want to do is get down the bingo hall and then home to read an Agatha Christie. It would be equally stupid to assume that a man in his twenties is simply a football hooligan with any number of STDs and social drug habit. The beauty of meeting new people is matching your interests with theirs. Of course, you may still endure a boring date or two but when you get it right you are in for a great time.

Why Younger Men Prefer Older Women?

Camilla Jordan

“Women and wine get prettier with time”

Traditionally, age was given utmost priority in the early days of mankind and a man either dated a woman of his own age or someone younger to him. Recently, many men prefer to date women who are almost twice their age. Looking at the increasing interest of men in dating older women, online surveys were conducted that got the low down on granny dating exposed. Almost 65% of men agreed to the fact that they were attracted, both mentally as well as physically, to women older to them.

gilf datingFollowing were some of the many reasons they gave:

1) Matured:

Older women are much more matured than the younger ones and hence even younger men fall in love with their attitude, calm mind and different experiences of life. They know how to carry themselves in public and know where their approaches need to be altered. The best part is that they wouldn’t bump into the group of your friends and embarrass you, pulling you every time to be with them. Maturity is an earned characteristic of a human and that’s why older women prove to be more mature because of the time for which they have lived in the world.

2) Good In Bed:

Women who are above 40 are said to be better in bed since they are experienced and know how to please themselves as well as the men whom they are dating. Not only are they sure of what they are doing, they are also extremely confident about sex. They know how to turn you on and make you feel special by doing something that probably no one has ever done for you!

3) Trustworthy:

Unlike the young women who are always unsure about relationships, older women are much more serious in their relationships and can be trusted with all your heart. They are so settled in their minds that they never make any attempts to betray or hurt you in any way.

4) Intelligent And Good Companions:

Older women are always wiser in their thoughts and good in talks as well. They are said to be excellent friends and since dating is a way to make new friends to find someone who shares your mind as well as thoughts. Sometimes all you need is someone to be there by your side, to listen to you when there is no one else to be with you. Sex is a secondary factor. This is the major reason why younger men are attracted towards older women for they get someone to hold on, to tell them where they are moving ahead in life.

5) Duration Of The Relationship:

Many single mothers look forward for one night stands, knowing the fact that they can’t be in a long term relationship. However, you and the older woman you are dating decide for how long your relationship lasts. But it is a guarantee that no matter how short or long the duration of your dating and relationship is, you are going to enjoy and cherish every moment of it.

A wise man has rightly said that love sees no age and hence, if older women is what you prefer then you must try several dating sites that let you date hot grannies, milfs and cougar women; to make you finally fulfill your fantasy of making love to someone who knows how to dominate you, just the way you wish to be dominated!

Exposing The Truth About Granny Dating

Camilla Jordan

Hot young men and sexy older women getting together and having fun. Granny dating, what’s the big secret?! Well if you have to ask that, you are either a twenty-year-old woman who cannot be included or part of a bored married couple who can only dream of the adventure that this dating scene offers. Ok, it’s not for everyone but for those young guys with their steel abs and the softer curved older woman on their arm, cougar dating is bringing hot and sexy fantasy to life!

So almost every man will have had a crush on an older woman at some time in their lives and older women can’t help but palpitate at the site of a half-dressed younger guy, so why does society seem to keep the two apart? Not anymore it doesn’t. This niche dating scene is bringing these two camps together with hot, sweaty and fun results. Mrs Robinson was only half the reality that cougar dating represents.

Dating websites spring up every day but none with as much chance of fulfilling the needs of its customers as the granny dating sites. Hot older women who want action and adventure in and out of the bedroom, sexy young guys with the energy to match their older partner’s needs. What’s not to love? Of course, it’s not all about the sex (but a big part of it is).

This scene also caters to those looking for a gentler romance. You’re as likely to root out a love match who loves moonlit picnics as one who wants you tied up for hours at a time with nothing to do but bonk.

So what does each side of the couple get? Cougars get the satisfaction of knowing that their man finds them more attractive than younger women. She also gets the adventure that young men represent, which is in stark contrast with men her own age and, of course, she gets the boundless energy of a young lover who can satisfy her needs while she remains at her sexual peak. For the guys they get the maturity and confidence of an older woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Between the sheets, the hot older woman makes his fantasy of romancing his own Mrs Robinson a reality.

Of course you might wonder about what younger/older partners could have in common. And if you are part of a cougar/cub couple you may even doubt whether your date will look as great in the real world as they do online. These concerns are completely natural and not solely confined to granny dating. Take your worries as warnings to be sure that you like someone before arranging to meet them.

Meeting online will allow you to develop a relationship before you meet. This will at least make sure that you’ll be meeting someone with something to talk about. Perhaps that’s one of the biggest truths about this dating scene. Not just the hot sex and fun times, but the delay between meeting allowing cougars and their cubs to get to know one another. Whatever the secrets are, it’s simple to see that cougar dating is here to stay so grab yourself a cougar or a cub and get growling!

How To Get It On In Granny Dating

Camilla Jordan

Every now and then a dating craze emerges that breaks boundaries and captures the imagination and no scene has done so well in recent years as granny dating. Since time began virile young men have been hankering for a more mature mate with whom to share their sexy moves.

This hasn’t always been that easy, what with demands from society and rules on propriety and such. Well, throw that rule book away and make the most of the more relaxed world in which we live. Cougar dating is big news and you can be a part of it…That is, if you remember the following tips.

1. Be Assertive – Older women have extra years in which their personalities have had time to develop. Typically every GILF knows what she wants and how to get it. When you are trying to impress an older date it’s never a good idea to show weakness. Be confident, forthright, alert and ask for exactly what it is you want. The worst that can happen is that she will say no but there is no doubt that she will respect your approach and appreciate your assertive qualities.

2. Be Sensitive – Ok, so any woman that you meet online from a granny dating website is going to know that her label says ‘granny’ that does not mean that you refer to her as gran, grandma, or nana at any point in your relationship (no matter how long or short) unless it’s something that both you and her enjoy in which case, label away and good luck to you! Other terms that may cause offence are: cougar, GILF, sugar mama.

3. Embrace The Age Gap – Yes…It’s true…You can admit that you fancy older women. So what if your friends are shocked? Like a fine wine, your chosen mate will have had time to mature into your dream woman and you get to reap the rewards without the years of effort that you might put in with someone your own age. Granny dating allows you to explore your most basic fantasies in the safety of a consenting relationship. So what if your date has extra creases around her eyes…They give her lustful gaze some character, right?

4. Sex Works Both Ways – No big surprise, huh? Well actually, you’d be amazed how many young guys forget that their older partners have had years to find out what it is that they like in the bedroom and if you fail to listen you’ll be out of that bed on your ear quicker than you can say Kama-Sutra! Sex with an older woman can be the hottest thing you’ll ever experience but you need to put the effort in to ensure that you can match up. Get it right and you’re on your way to granny dating’s worst kept secret about the amazing sexual gratification that comes from sex between an older woman and her younger partner.

5. Be Honest – Like a sniffer dog, the older woman can smell out lies a mile off and they’re mature enough to know that a man who can’t be truthful is not worth knowing. Say what you mean, do what you say and everything will be great. One step out of place and you can kiss the greatest dating adventure you’ve ever known goodbye. Granny dating is too amazing a chance to waste!

Meet And Date A Sexy Granny Online

Camilla Jordan

If you want to make your teenage fantasies about banging older women come true then granny dating is the scene that you need to get into. The thing is, it’s not enough to simply flash your tight, younger body or smile your most winning smile. Mature women know what they like and they know what they want so the responsibility for reeling in the sexy older woman of your dreams lies entirely with you.

gilf-datingThe first step to bagging a hot MILF will be the online profile that you will create. Don’t like the idea of online dating? Tough. Other than harassing any hot older woman in the street and earning yourself a dodgy reputation, the Internet will have to be your best friend. More specifically, the dating sites dedicated to matching sexy women over forty with the men who lust after them.

Your dating profile will be your first weapon in the battle for the heart of an older woman so it’ll need to be good. Not sure about how to begin? Follow these steps to create a profile fit for a very lucky cub who will have no trouble in hooking his cougar prey.

1. Choose a photo that looks as close to the real you as possible. That isn’t to say that a pic of you dribbling cereal one morning is right for this but you want to show your personality while remaining as attractive as you can. Don’t be tempted to exaggerate your looks…One day you’ll have to meet up with your lady and it would be nice if she could recognise you. Anything else is just false advertising!

2. Choose your words carefully. It’s important that you say what you mean without coming across as too arrogant or too vague. Your typical cougar will know what she wants and while one or two might be after an emotional wreck to mother, most want a confident young man that can give offer amazing sex while having something interesting to say in between dates.

3. Know what you have to offer and what you want to give and receive. Too often, singles forget the value of their finer qualities and just throw themselves into relationships that are entirely unsuitable for their physical or emotional needs. Don’t let this be you. If you just want a good time girl who doesn’t need dinner before bed, say it. If you want someone that you can talk to about philosophy, say it. It’s no use wasting energy and time chasing dreams with someone who cannot give you what you want or who doesn’t get what they want from you. Granny dating should be mutually satisfying and it can be if you remain honest to yourself and the woman you plan to date.

4. Show your sense of humour. Ok, so you’ve a wonky smile and a little willy. Who cares? Even if you haven’t don’t forget how much of a powerful aphrodisiac laughter can be. Forget the fickle younger women that you’ve struggled with and prepare to be loved by older women who know there’s more to life than looking like Adonis. So many women over forty will admit that men have managed to laugh their knickers off and if you’ve a wicked sense of humour it could be within your interests to flash it about the place.

Your profile should sell you to the women that you want to meet. It can make or break your chances but following the simple steps above will give you a fighting chance in your mission to share your younger man-bod with a sexy older woman. Three cheers for granny dating!

Granny Dating, Fact Or Fiction?

Camilla Jordan

In dating mythology, no creature has been more mysterious than the sexy older woman looking for a younger man. That is until now. Granny dating has taken off unlike any other singles scene and you can be a part of it too. So if you have ever asked yourself whether you’ll find a hot older lady or the young man who can be cub to your cougar, there is no better time than now to investigate your options. Read on to discover the dating fact from the fiction.

grannies datingRegular dating sites have exploded on the Internet and the speciality sites for discerning singles have quickly followed suit. If online love matches are the best option for you, don’t be fooled into believing that there is only one type of taste to be catered for. For many singles, the idea of something out of the ordinary can be very exciting and as with most things these days the Internet can be your best friend when you’re looking for information. Now you can bring sexy grannies and hot young cubs into your bedroom with a quick online search.

Despite what you might have been told in the past, there is no reason why women turning forty/fifty/sixty and beyond shouldn’t enjoy the company (and body) of a consenting younger man. The same goes for the younger guys who have dreamed about dating an older woman since falling in lust with their high-school teachers. Granny dating is bringing these two groups together and if you fall into either, why waste time chasing things you don’t want? Stop worrying about what the neighbours might say and grab yourself a piece of the action!

So, you’ve registered with a top site, you’ve shared a few e-mails, you’ve even spoken on the telephone, are there any practicalities that you need to consider before going on a date? Yes there are but would they stop you if you were going to meet someone your own age?

Let’s face it, granny dating is a healthy, fun way to spend your time and the only real difference to regular courting is in the age gap between both members of a couple. So what?! No dating scene comes without its negatives but as long as you are safe and enjoying yourself there is nothing to be concerned about. Kissing frogs is all part of the fun when you’re looking for the perfect match.

Young guys and older women are having a great time getting to know each other better as a result of granny dating. Whether in or out of the bedroom the maturity of the woman and the energy of the man combine powerfully to produce an exciting and new experience for singles on both sides of the age spectrum. Embrace your inner cougar and grab yourself a tasty cub or be that cub and remind grandma what it is to be young again. Either way you are guaranteed to be part of a fulfilling and enjoyable dating scene that, thanks to the Internet, is less fiction than fact.

Hot Grannies – They Do Exist!

Camilla Jordan

Ever wondered what it would be like to date a hot, older woman? Ever wondered how it would feel to sleep with a cougar and how her experience would affect her performance? Stop wondering and get practising! Granny dating is here to bring sexy women over forty together with the young guys who can’t get enough of mature ladies.
If you ever lusted after your secondary school teacher, the college librarian or your mate’s hot mum, this scene could be exactly what your after whether it’s just for hot one night stands or a longer-term commitment.

Contrary to what people will have you believe, women over forty aren’t always content to just get on with their lives, living as spinsters and looking after cats. And those who’ve been married don’t automatically gravitate to other fat, balding oldies like their husbands for love and affection.

For many, the idea of dating a hot, younger model is too tempting to miss out on. So while you’ve been chasing the hard-to-get girls in their twenties, you could have been in bed chasing your pleasure with an older woman. Leave your mates to the headwork and drama of the younger crowd and immerse yourself in the carnal delights of the over-forty’s!

Of course, if you want to hold hands and have moonlight picnics granny dating can offer that as well. Many men want the romance as much as the hot sex inherent to GILF dating and that’s just fine. Not every cougar is going to tear your clothes off at any opportunity (unless that’s what you want). Getting to know what type of woman you want and the kind of relationship that you need is all part of the fun. Forget what you think you know about dating and find the perfect match for you (wrinkled or unwrinkled).

Now it’s all very well and good to find lusty older porn stars sexy or to imagine bumping uglies with the ageing receptionist at work but you need to be sure that you are ready for the reality of dating older women. Sure there’s the great sex with lower maintenance required than your average twenty-year-old but there’s also a lot of life been lived before you came on the scene and this can impact on the type of behaviour that your dream cougar will expect. With greater maturity comes less of a tolerance for deceit and time wasters so be sure that you are ready for the demands of being a cub before you step foot into this arena or your cougar is likely to bite back…Hard!

Granny dating offers a world beyond the bog-standard drudgery of regular dating. If you are bored of high-maintenance, low-return girls, get yourself a sexy, mature lady instead. Take on the thrill of dating cougars and you’re sure to find that Mrs Robinson is a reality that you’ve been missing out on. Grab a slice of this speciality pie and fulfil every dream you’ve ever had about the hot older woman and the years of relationship experience that will keep you on your toes and in her bed! Grab a granny? Yes please!

Granny Dating Is For Real!

Camilla Jordan

This is what is known about granny dating. Granny can be of any age as long as the “man” she is in hot pursuit for is young. She does not have to be the proverbial granny per se. That’s just a cute name to give her, especially if she’s older than fifty years. By that age, she should be a mom and be a granny too. At least that’s what typical Americana taught us. The rules were simple, date someone close to your own age. Heaven forbid you saw your granny dating someone your age or younger. That did not make sense.

However this is a new and modern age. Granny dating is much more popular. By giving it the name granny dating, it seems much nicer than calling it “cougar” dating. Cougar dating sounds more like someone on the prowl for fresh meat. Of course with granny dating, granny isn’t going to pick a young guy in a bar or baseball game and bring him home for milk and cookies or a piano lesson. Somehow that’s not the idea she has in mind. Maybe she’s just lonely, since Gramps took off with the neighbor’s granddaughter or those cute Angels took him to Heaven. Whatever the case may be, granny is usually alone and on the prowl for company.

granny dating ukShe still has some “life” in her and still has that special glow that needs to be let loose. Why choose someone her own age when they may need medication, get what they need from the relationship, roll over and snore?

Besides most of them want marriage, someone to take care of them in their old age. Granny has done that. She wants to play. In comes the need for a young buck. One who has stamina, charisma, charm, dares to be seen with an “older” woman on his arm kinda guy. Who cares who is paying for the long as the agreement between granny and her stud muffin are set, then let the fun begin.

If the relationship is uncomfortable around her lady friends, she can always pass him off as a great nephew or grandson from out of town.

With her years of experience, think of what she can teach him, not only about relationships, history, proper eating habits, dressing correctly, going to the theater, being wined and dined… there are limitless possibilities.

Of course there is the sexual part also. Granny would be more experienced there, and what a exciting thrill she would have knowing that a young buck could last and last and last. The idea of Granny dating does make one wonder what it would be like. They just might try that young buck idea first hand to see what he has to offer.

Why not?. Who cares what the family thinks… as long as granny is happy and feeling good, then that’s what counts. Especially if she’s in her seventies or older. Maybe she’ll use up your inheritance on her young buck, she deserves it. Just think of the wonderful scandal for future generations!

Why Granny Dating Is Right For You!

Camilla Jordan

Getting older comes with so many positive things like a greater sense of who you are, a better idea of what you want, and the experience to get where you want to be with as little effort as possible. So why, as you age do you automatically expect less from your love life? Join the millions of older women across the world who have caught on to one of dating’s worst kept secrets, younger guys love older women.
Don’t just put up with balding, grumpy old men if that’s not what you like, get looking for a hot, young toy boy who would love a chance to sweep you off your feet (and into the nearest bed, if he’s lucky). Granny dating is here to stay!

granny datingThe obvious benefits to dating a younger man are the energy and vitality that they can bring to a relationship but what about the bits you can’t see (that doesn’t mean what’s inside his trousers)? Knowing that your looks have been appreciated by someone younger boosts your self confidence and a regular sex life can have remarkable effects on your mood and appearance. Remember how it was when you were younger and the guys your age couldn’t keep their hands off you? Why should it change just because men age differently to women? Bag yourself a toy boy and learn to enjoy your body again!

So you’ve come ’round to the idea of dating a younger guy? Great! Now you have to channel your inner cougar and get hunting. Thankfully, the information revolution will come to your aid and help you to avoid any embarrassing lunges that you might have felt inclined to make on the nearest twenty-something. Registering on a top granny dating website will put you in a great position to make sure that you can vet the best and worst cubs out there who want a piece of what you can offer as a mature lady.

Knowing what you want from a younger lover before you get started is key to reducing any disappointment for either you or your younger date. Want to swing from every chandelier in a marathon bonk? Great! Want to hold hands on a moonlit walk? Great! Want to do both? Great! The important thing is knowing what your boundaries are and matching that with your preferred date. Not every young guy is going to want nothing heavier than a one night stand and not every older woman is going to want a long-term companion. Break down those stereotypes and you’re on your way to a fulfilling granny dating experience.

Granny dating is an exciting new frontier for single women over forty and the toy boys who want to get to know them better. If you know that you have more to offer the dating world than a warm pair of slippers and a towelling dressing gown then there can’t be any harm in investigating what this niche might hold for you. Get your glad rags on and fish out those dancing shoes before sinking your lips onto a hot young cub. Go on. Nothing ventured and all that!

Granny Dating – The Worst Kept Secrets

Camilla Jordan

Dating tastes change as the years progress. Courtly love went out the window long ago and speed dating is an abomination that should never have been allowed. So how can you give yourself the best chance of meeting someone that tickles your fancy, especially if your fancy is a little left of centre? We’re not necessarily talking whips and chains here (unless you want to).

What if you happen to be a sexy young guy who has a thing for older women or vice versa? Surely luck is the only thing you can hope for, right? Wrong. Granny dating is here to help you scratch that itch and what fun you’ll have scratching it!

granny slappers ukSociety may have you believing that unless you’re twenty-something and gorgeous, you have no place on the dating scene. That’s just nonsense. And perhaps the man will be in his twenties so cougar/cub relationships are half way to meting such stringent dating laws as set by the younger crowd. But seriously, who gives a hoot what other people think? Sexy older women don’t disappear into a puff of smoke when they hit forty! They carry on sizzling and heavens, can they sizzle?!

The Internet dating boom is responsible for binging granny dating up to date and into the living rooms of thousands of hot young men and the sexy women over-forty who can’t get enough of them. Registering with a site will guarantee you the best possible chance of finding a hot stud or glamorous gran just ripe for the taking. Such sites aim to bring together the fiery passion of a younger man with the mature heat of an older woman but that doesn’t even mention the fun that you can have in trying to find the right person for you, whichever part of a couple you are.

The maturity and experience of the cougar in these relationships is too easily swept away by stereotyping. Just one quick scroll through the dating pages of a granny dating site will throw up women with varied interests, both sexual and non-sexual. So if you are a young guy who’s keen to try dogging with an older woman, the sites are likely to make you a winner. If you want an older woman who loves bingo and oral sex, you’ll find her. The scope and variety of singles from both the cub and cougar camps is impressive and will ensure that you have plenty of eligible choices available for your specific romantic requirements.

Of course, granny dating has its downsides but then what type of dating doesn’t? What makes it such fun is the adventure of trying something new and exciting with a different type of partner. So what if you have to work hard to find your prince/queen? Part of the fun is dusting yourself off and getting straight back in the driving seat.

If you are after tradition then sure, you could give granny dating a try but it’s less likely to tick all your boxes than perhaps another scene. If however you want to join the ranks of sexy cougars and their cubs the world over, get registering for the time of your life! Hot sex, fun times and amazing thrills await you once you realise that age is just a number.

Dating Grannies – The Basics

Camilla Jordan

So you know that you fancy older women? Brilliant! As a younger man, the decision to explore the granny dating scene is the biggest step you’ll need to make towards hooking up with a sexy, mature lady. It’s crazy to think that so many people have had hang-ups about dating older women despite feeling a strong attraction to cougars. But if you ever tried to get a glimpse down your teacher’s top when you were at school or even if you fancied your mate’s mum or your mum’s mates, you’ll understand the magnetism of the mature lady.

granny slappersIt’s not enough to assume that any woman over forty is a cougar or granny for the purposes of dating. Of course, you could approach every older woman that you fancy and live in the hope that they are in the market for a younger partner but this could lead to any number of awkward conversations. Given the popularity of online dating, the Internet could be your best bet for meeting the older woman of your dreams (without the risk of getting a beating from the angry husband of a woman you’ve approached in the street). Just a few clicks will put you in the midst of thousands of grannies looking for someone just like you!

Now, there are risks associated with Internet dating. The obvious risk of meeting someone so totally different looking than their photo is one that you will, unfortunately, learn to deal with but at least with a longer “getting to know you” period in Cyber Space, you should have something to talk about no matter how unlike their profile your date might appear. It’s not all one sided either. Be sure that you present yourself as realistically as possible to avoid any disappointment on your date’s behalf…It’s only fair, right?

An easy mistake to make on your quest for a hot cougar would be to assume that because you’ve met one older woman and know her well enough that every other woman will be the same. It sounds simple but it’s amazing how many cubs, for that is what you will be called, forget that older women come in as many shapes, sizes and varieties as their younger counterparts and what they want from you will vary accordingly. As much as you’d like to think that any older woman would want you simply because you’re younger, your role as a trophy toy boy depends entirely on the effort that you put in to wooing your potential granny date.

Ok, so you’ve chatted, swapped (realistic) pics, your older lady ticks every cougar box and you want the chance to establish your status as her boy toy but where should you go for your first date? There is no fixed response to this. It depends on the type of things she likes and the type of relationship you want to establish.

If this is to be a lustful affair full of hot sex, perhaps a drink and then bed; if this is a romantic affair full of hot sex, perhaps a drink and then bed. Talk it through. There’s no need to go wild just because your date has experience. You could do just as well having a quiet drink as arranging an evening of Flamenco under the stars. Either way, be sure to enjoy yourself. Granny dating was made to satisfy your need for a sexy, mature woman…make the most of it!

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Granny Dating Explained

Camilla Jordan

Dating can be a real drag, right? Knowing what to wear, how to speak, how to find the right person for you can really put a strain on your good mood. As with everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages, even to meeting the man or woman of your dreams but what if you happen to like older women or younger men…What then? Granny dating is a truly amazing niche for daters but for all its great points there are some things that you should be aware of to make your cougar/cub relationship that much easier to manage.

Meeting like minded people online has never been easier. Dating websites are becoming the new normal for meeting your dream partner and there is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best foot forward with your profile. Sometimes posting the best picture ever taken of you is a great confidence booster but don’t forget that if you intend to move your relationship away from the cyber-world, at some point you will have to show your real face to another person. Too often, singles will make similar mistakes that can only ever lead to disappointment in one or both parts of a couple. Enjoy the freedom that honesty allows you and embrace your wobbly bits…There’s nothing sexier!

Stereotypes can really put a dampener on a blossoming romance. Do all women over forty like to knit? Do all men under thirty like to drink themselves sick with their mates? Don’t be fooled into thinking granny dating is an instant pass to like-minded loving! As with any scene, you have to communicate with your partner. How else would a younger guy know that the hot fifty-something lady he wants to date loves clubbing as much as he does? The energy in a cougar/cub relationship doesn’t always come from the younger partner and the sooner this is addressed, the sooner you can heat up the loving action.

People will judge others for any number of reasons so don’t waste your energy on worrying about it…Energy that could be better spent romping with your older/younger lover. People may talk about a mature lady and her toy boy but who cares?! You cannot live your life by the rules that other people set and as long as what you are doing is hurting no-one else, you can chalk up their disdain to jealousy. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a couple where the experienced female can make the most of her younger lover’s body and vice versa. Hate the haters not the lovers!

Granny dating is a thrilling experience for all involved. Young men who desire older women and the cougars who crave their young cubs can find everything they need on this speciality dating scene. Excitement in and out of the bedroom awaits everyone involved and the sooner you get registered, the sooner you can be a part of it. Sure, there are negatives but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in this exciting niche. Grab yourself a granny or lure in a cub for hot times and amazing experiences.

A Beginners Guide To Granny Dating

Camilla Jordan

As the years roll on we are faced with more and more dating options that our parents and the people before them would never have needed to consider in their search for love. Every now and again a dating scene emerges that eclipses everything that has gone before it and right now, that eclipse comes in the form of granny dating. Combine a sexy woman over forty and a hunky guy of around half her age and you’ve got all the ingredients for a hot love match!

GILF dating, cougar dating, it’s all the same thing. So if you’re a lady or a guy, think again about which side of forty is the wrong side because where this scene is concerned, age really is just a number! The tradition of younger men and older women goes way back and even our biology will prove that men are at their peak during their twenties while women have to wait before the first signs of ageing hit when they reach the big four zero. And who are we to argue with nature? Find yourself a tasty toy boy or a fiery grandma and put this theory to the test…You’ll never look back!

granny_datingDating websites have opened the doors to experimental singles the world over and this niche scene is the perfect partner for a bit of online date shopping. Registering is the first step to meeting your very own cougar or cub depending on which part of the couple you are. Hundreds of thousands of people are putting away their age stereotyping and getting hot under the collar for an older woman or younger guy and you could be too without even leaving your home. Click through profiles to find your dream date and enjoy the thrill of getting to know someone you may never have considered as a love match previously.

Older women are taking back control of their love lives and refusing to settle for the same old types that they might have been stuck with before finding out about granny dating. They’re realising that even with a couple of laughter lines they can hook up with young men who find them irresistible and who wouldn’t want that? Younger men who have experienced crushes on older women for years have finally found their release through the fast becoming, socially acceptable world of cougar dating. No more should consenting adults from two sides of the age spectrum feel that they can’t have a chance to get together with sexy older women or hot younger men.

Of course you may have reservations about whether your interests match or if you might find someone attractive in the real world but these concerns aren’t confined solely to granny dating and as such you should be sure that you’re not just making excuses not to take a relationship further. The beauty of meeting online is that you can take your time to get to know someone, their likes and interests, their hopes for your relationship (whether just bed or romance or both) and all this before you meet up. Jump in with both feet and enjoy the thrill of a dating scene that will bring you and the stuff of fantasies together.

All You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Granny Dating

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Unlike in years gone by where a lady would drop her handkerchief in the hope that a young gent might retrieve it, dating has developed to encourage the varied romantic tastes of the masses and romance is no longer just for the young and beautiful! Granny dating is a flourishing scene that brings hot older women together with sexy young men for mutually satisfying experiences whether for one night or ten years. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re missing out!

Long before American Pie and Stifler’s Mom men have enjoyed horny fantasies about mature women. From dinner-ladies to schoolteachers, nurses and nannies, no older woman has been safe from the x-rated imaginings of horny adolescents. Imaginings, which are carried through into adulthood. The experience of the mature lady fuels this attraction but don’t believe it’s all one sided!

Women over forty don’t lose their interest in the vigour and vitality of younger guys just because they’ve passed a milestone birthday. Many women considered grannies for the purpose of this scene have enjoyed the company (and bodies) of men who are a number of years their junior. And who can blame them?

It’s never been easier for older women and their young admirers to find and meet each other with a host of sites available to match the dreamy younger guy with the sexy cougar of his fantasies. As with any dating scene considered out of the ordinary, there are detractors but don’t let that put you off. Granny dating brings together consensual adults who want to have a good time and no matter what anyone says, that cannot be a bad thing. Plus it’s damn hot! Cougar/cub relationships are doing more for cross-generation alliances than anything previously.

hot granny dating ukThe biggest hurdle to overcome with this dating scene is falling into the trap if stereotyping your dream date. Older women have vast amounts of life experience, more than the younger men who they try to attract, but that doesn’t mean that they are ready to hang up their dancing shoes just yet. With interests that range from dogging to threesomes or S & M, it would be silly to assume that people fall neatly into age-dependant categories. Understanding this will ease your foray into granny dating and make for a more pleasurable experience all ’round.

With such a varied scene then, it is important that you know your own boundaries before venturing to grab that gorgeous gran or younger man. Are you looking for long-term loving? Do you want a one-night fling? How old is too old? How young is too young? Whips and chains on a first date or just a quiet drink?

If you can be honest with yourself about what you want from your love match it will make any plans between you and your date so much easier to negotiate. There’s something frighteningly businesslike about thinking about the logistics of such a relationship but developing a partnership relies on give and take and you must never give more than you want to.

Granny dating is an adventure that you can’t fail to enjoy. Enjoying the company and body of your dream partner can lift your romantic life to new heights. Register now and take your first step toward the perfect cougar/cub match. What’s to stop you?

5 Ways To Win In Granny Dating

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Forget everything you thought you knew about dating. Turn it on its head. Dating is just for the young and the beautiful, right? Wrong. Online dating is for freaks and geeks, right? Wrong. So many preconceptions taint the world of dating that its difficult to know what’s right and wrong anymore but fear not if you have tastes that are outside of the ordinary.

If you are a young guy who can’t get enough of older women, or you are an older woman who loves to get together with younger guys, granny dating is a revolution in dating that you need to know about. But how can you make sure that you win your dream cub/cougar every time?

granny-dating-uk1. Be Honest About What You Want – Ok, so it seems simple but it’s surprising how many singles feel they have to pretend to want more or less than they do in order to hook up with someone else. You can be as shallow as a puddle or as deep as a pool but as long as you are honest, you’ll find someone who ticks your boxes. Don’t be afraid to express your kinky side either. If you love rubber, put it on your profile. Make sure that whoever you try and hook knows exactly what it is that you have to offer and what you want in return.

2. Duck Face Is A No No – Hold camera above head, turn neck, pout…Don’t be fooled into thinking that the resulting photo is remotely alluring. Of course, you want to show yourself at your best but don’t be tempted to follow the crowds with your pictures. It’s not like you’re following the crowds with your dating choice is it? Make the most of what you’ve got. Got a great rack, show it off in something tight. Got amazing shoulders, wear a vest. Online dating is all about selling yourself (not in a Pretty Woman type way but you get the picture).

3. Have Fun – Older women bring years of experience and a knowledge of what turns them on to the table, while young guys bring energy, vitality (and buns of steel if you’re lucky). This combination is invariably different to what you might have seen previously but boy does it sparkle?! Have fun with it. The energy of youth with the wisdom of age mould themselves beautifully together. Don’t get hung up on details like age, get hung up from your chandelier (or any other item of furniture) if you like and enjoy the thrill that dating a younger/older person can bring.

4. Kiss The Frogs – So any type of dating has risks and everyone knows what it’s like to meet someone who looks great on paper but after ten minutes you find yourself counting flecks in the carpet of the bar just for something to do. Well, tough! It’s actually part of the fun and how ill you know what you really want until you experience what you definitely don’t want? Enjoy it!

5. Be Confident – People can be very judgemental and this might hurt your feelings. Well don’t let it. Be confident in your dating choices and be happy that you’ll be having a better time than any of those haters. Granny dating is not for the faint hearted but when it’s right it’s sooooooo right!

5 Tactics For Granny Dating Revealed

Camilla Jordan

If you’ve always wondered how it might feel to date an older woman or a younger man, you are a perfect candidate for a niche dating scene that has taken the world by storm! Granny dating is bringing like minded people from the cougar and cub camps together for emotional and physical fulfilment (not always at the same time unless they want it that way).

So what is it about this scene that has older women and the men who want them falling over themselves to be a part of it? There’s only one way to find out but if you do choose to get yourself a piece of the action, here are five tips that will stand you in good stead.

hot granny dating1. Get Registered – Make the most of the tools you have. That doesn’t necessarily mean your biceps or your nipped waist (not yet anyway). The Internet is a dater’s best friend. Register with an excellent granny dating site and you could be chatting with young guys or older ladies in just a few clicks. Beware the temptation to exaggerate your gifts with the folk you meet online because you may have to meet these potential dates one day. There’s nothing worse than expecting to eat a cheese and onion crisp and getting a salt and vinegar…This metaphor works well with online date matches too!

2. Know What You Have To Offer – It’s all too easy to forget just how great you are. Especially if you have been single for some time. Just remember that there is nothing more attractive than confidence. Take stock. Recognise your great legs, beautiful smile, wry sense of humour and use them to nab yourself a bit of totty whether you are over forty or under thirty. Everyone has something to offer and being sure of that will make finding the person who appreciates it so much easier!

3. Forget What You Think You Know – “She’s too old for him” or “He’s too young for her” are statements that you may have used yourself in the past and they are statements that you are likely to continue hearing in the future. The problem with us lot, humans, is that we are so judgemental. Things change so forget everything you might have thought about the world of dating and open yourself up to a new and exciting experience. Young guys have all the energy and vigour of youth while older women have the emotional maturity and experience that guarantee an explosive combination. Make the most of it!

4. Explore – Do you have a type? Tall, dark and handsome? Short, bald and ugly? Throw caution to the wind and use the opportunities that online dating offers for trying something different. Online dating might just throw up some surprises that you weren’t expecting!

5. Know The Risks – You will meet those who have lied about their occupations or their personalities or their looks but so what? Have you always been totally honest with people? Enjoy the process of searching for your prince or mature princess and expect to have some sifting to do before you find your ideal partner. Be safe and have fun searching out a dream date. Granny dating is nothing if not exciting! Happy dating.

5 Things About Granny Dating That You Have To Know

Camilla Jordan

If you’re interested in granny dating, you probably fall into two camps: The sexy woman over forty or the hot man who loves older women. The thing is that there is so much more to this dating scene than this basic principle. Putting aside the romance, hot sex and amazing fun with like-minded people that typifies this niche, let’s take a look at a few more aspects of this type of love match.

1. What A Cougar Wants From Her Cub – It would be too easy to say that every sexy granny wants a hot looking younger guy. In fact, you could probably be quite plain looking as long as you have the personality to carry it off. If you’re no oil painting, remember that a bar of soap will get you a long way towards making the most of yourself. The most important thing expected of a younger guy in the cougar/cub relationship is to be available emotionally and physically when she needs you to be. And while you can’t compete in age, perhaps showing your mature side would be a good idea. The cougar wants to relive her twenties not babysit for you!

2. What A Cub Wants From His Cougar – The fantasy of an older woman is something that most men can identify with. So many will remember trying to catch a glimpse of boob from a high school teacher or looking longingly at sexy older women in the street. Granny dating brings this element of lustful, young memories and makes them real. Younger guys want a mature woman who is confident and knows what she wants both sexually and emotionally. Of course, it will help if you are attractive but for the purposes of this scene, wrinkles and a few extra pounds aren’t going to count you out of the running to find yourself a hot younger date.

hot_granny_dating3. The Best Way To Meet Your Granny/Boy – While you are very welcome to throw yourself at any number of attractive people who meet your tastes, this may lead to embarrassment and even law suits. Picking people up who want to be picked up has been made easier in recent years by the internet and the rise of dating websites. Like any self-respecting dating scene, granny dating has given rise to a number of niche websites where younger guys can hook up with their desired older woman. Remember, the Internet could be your friend!

4. Take As Long As You Like – Look, the mass media will have you believe that all single people can’t wait to get into a relationship and that you as a single person are personally responsible for the beginning of the end of the world for refusing to shack up like everybody else. Screw what the mass media says. Take your time to decide exactly the type of person you are looking for and then enjoy matching people against your wants. The more time you spend preparing, the better the chance of finding a good match early into your granny dating experience.

5. It’s So Much Fun – As if this needs any explanation. Everyone wants to be wanted and it’s great to feel attractive so when you fall into bed with your dream MILF/Cub spare a thought for everyone else your age stuck in their boring routines with their boring, same age partners and then have a good laugh because you have found yourself something special. Thanks to granny dating, you can feel smug and have fun all at the same time!